As the weather gets nicer, the desire to stay out until the late hours of the night gets stronger. This is why I came up with a few of my favorite late-night dinner spots at

Rutgers—New Brunswick!

El Jefe's Taqueria

This one is a personal favorite of mine. This place has so much to offer: burritos, tacos, bowls, and a wide selection of Mexican soda (it's a comma opinion that I agree with that Mexican Coca-Cola with sugar is far superior to American Coca-Cola with corn syrup). My pick for this place is a bowl with basically everything in it. It's perfect to satiate your hunger after a party of long study sessions.

burrito, chicken, rice, sauce, salsa, tacos, beef, chili
Alex Vu

Daniel's Pizzeria

For those of us who want something else to enjoy in the late hours of the night, there is always our savior- the slice of pizza. Located on Easton Avenue in New Brunswick, this place has a selection of fresh pizzas that are always there for you when you desperately need a slice.

pizza, crust, dough, sauce, cheese, mozzarella
Wendy You

King of Gyro

Located right in the middle of Easton Ave with most of the bars in town, King of Gyro will always be there for you, even after a few too many drinks with your best friends. No matter the time of day, you can always count on them to deliver a great plate of gyro with a meat of your choosing. Hearty, warm, and exactly right. This is the place to go after a long night out.

meat, bread, gyro, sandwich, beef, vegetable, lettuce
Net Supatravanij

RU Hungry

This is definitely a Rutgers classic. It is one of the oldest late-night food places on campus. Staying in line at 2 a.m. after going out is almost like a right of passage for any New Brunswick student. Usually, the lines extend outside the building. So many people love sandwiches and fries to share with our friends, myself included. My personal favorite item on the RU Hungry menu is always the chocolate milkshake. It is consistently so tasty and refreshing! 

parsley, salt, ketchup, mayo, appetizer, fries
Josi Miller