Ever get sick of sitting in the same library all day every day? Looking to switch up your study locations by pairing them somewhere you can get a fun drink? Here is a list of my favorite coffee shops in Gainesville for the best study sessions ever! 

Opus Coffee

Hours: Depends on location, usually between 7am and 6pm

Vibes: Relaxed but studious

Studyability: 9/10, but depends on location

As the self proclaimed “Best Craft Coffee in Gainesville,” my expectations for any one of the chain’s ten on and off campus locations were high. Luckily, their iced caramel latte (with oat milk) really held up. Though on the sweeter side, it made the perfect pairing for finishing up a paper or some prelabs. As an iced coffee fan, I was appreciative of the large and slowly-melting ice cubes that kept their cool even in Gainesville’s 70-80 degree heat. The on-campus locations even accept flex dollars, so UF students with meal plans can grab themselves a coffee with any extra flex.

Norman Hall, a building full of classrooms and study spaces, also contains an Opus Coffee location. Though the space was previously occupied by a Starbucks, students passing through Norman don’t seem too upset with the change. Both the upstairs and downstairs areas were almost completely full of people studying, chatting with friends, or waiting for class to start.

Opus Coffee’s website details the story of its origin; Gainesville local brothers who wanted to start a sustainable coffee shop launched their idea in the early 2000s. With a strong focus on giving students somewhere to buy high quality, affordable drinks while also being a study space, the chain’s good morals are fully on display. The coffee chain also has a merch line, giving its most dedicated customers a way to express their love for Opus products.   

Ariana Jorrin
Ariana Jorrin

Concord Coffee

Hours: 8am - 5pm every day

Vibes: Good place to stop for a break and a chat

Studyability: 7/10, best for a shorter session! 

I visited Concord Coffee’s location on University Avenue as the sun was beginning to go down, so the front wall windows were lit up with sunlight. The inside was mostly black and white, with a marble coffee counter, wood tables, and fluffy chairs and couches, making for some super Pinterest-worthy pics.

Indoor seating was limited, but the seats that were available looked comfortable and roomy. My favorite part of this coffee shop was definitely the aesthetic of it, but the menu had plenty of drink options I just didn’t have time to try. Super cute and good for a medium-length afternoon reading session. 

Ariana Jorrin
Ariana Jorrin

Pascal’s Coffeehouse

Hours: 8am - 5pm weekdays, 8am - 3pm Sat., closed Sun.

Vibes: Comfy cozy study session

Studyability: 7/10, just a little bit noisier, but nothing some earbuds can’t fix!

With a cabin-like interior, functioning fireplace, custom tile, and a sunny balcony, Pascal’s offered the homiest aesthetic of any of the coffee shops I visited. Plenty of tables and chairs surrounded the walls while a few comfy and inviting couches sat in the center of the room. There was seating selection in the upstairs and downstairs areas with plenty of room to pull up chairs and collaborate with friends or a study group. Though it is known as a “Christian study center,” Pascal’s is open to anyone who needs a place to hang out, a study location, or a coffee stop!

Pascal’s serves dine-in coffees in reusable mugs that are returned and washed, a more sustainable way to enjoy a coffee while studying or hanging with friends. (plastic and paper cups are still available to-go or upon request!). Other than one or two unbalanced tables and chairs, it was easy to focus in the upstairs environment. If you need a little more noise around you, the lower floor stays pretty active and the upstairs balcony overlooks the road. It’s slightly pricer than other coffee shops, but the drinks absolutely hold up. 

Ariana Jorrin
Ariana Jorrin

Karma Cream

Hours: 8am - 8pm weekdays, 8am - 10pm Fri., 10am-10pm Sat., 10am-4pm Sun.

Vibes: Lunch and some quick review

Studyability: 6/10 (depending on how you study with some extra background noise)

Because it is entirely vegan, Karma Cream offers alternative milk selections free of charge! The coffee came out pretty quick, and was delicious (even paired with the vegan grilled cheese I ordered, also pretty good!).

It has the most variation in hours and is the second-farthest coffee shop from campus, making it a less favorite location for studying. However, there were plenty of tables, chairs, and window seats available for any groups who wanted to stay and sit, as well as ice cream and a full menu of vegan desserts and meals. It was also pretty loud inside because it was full of people chatting and hanging with friends, so Karma Cream seemed much better equipped for a lunch date with friends rather than all-day studying. 

Ariana Jorrin
Ariana Jorrin

Foxtail Coffee Co.

Hours: 7am - 9pm daily

Vibes: Off-campus adventure meets all-day study

Studyability: 7/10

As the farthest coffee shop from campus, you need a car to make it all the way there. A Florida chain, Foxtail has locations in Tallahassee, Jacksonville, Winter Park, and more spread throughout the state. They also have a variety of seasonal flavors throughout the year.

There isn’t much indoor space except for a couple tables and window seating, but there are plenty of seats outdoors, including tables right outside the door and a turf area across the sidewalk. It is the easiest to study here for longer times than in a library, due to its off-campus location keeping you from distractions or seeing too many familiar faces. However, it has the potential to do the opposite and create a feeling of isolation from campus. The hours are the same every day of the week, so you never have to worry about which day you head over. Foxtail is a great place for a relaxing break between errands or as a more isolated evening study spot. 

Starbucks: On Campus Locations

Enough has been said about Starbucks coffee. For the most part, if you like it, you already know. Starbucks' around Gainesville vary location-wise, so here’s a quick review of the closest UF campus locations. (Note: all the on-campus Starbucks accept flex dollars from meal plans!).

The Reitz Student Union location is the perfect place for an afternoon snack and study session. With plenty of seating and tables throughout the Union, a stop at the Starbucks is almost unavoidable if you dare to walk through the Reitz hungry.

Marston’s Starbucks is always pretty busy and always takes a little longer for your order to come up, but being so close to Marston is a perk. Also, it has the widest range of hours, closing at midnight on weekends. Perfect place to stop before a late night study, but I would try to avoid it during the day.

The Hub features plenty of seating in the International Center right next to the Starbucks, so it’s super easy to stick around to study or chat with friends once you get your coffee. There is also a bus stop that sits right outside the Hub, which makes this Starbucks the perfect transition between classes or to reset before heading home for the day.

Library West, a favorite library of UF students, houses the largest on-campus Starbucks at UF. Pretty similar to Marston, it closes at midnight on weekends. Orders come up pretty quickly because of its size, and the smell of coffee wafting through the door and up the library escalators is a great study motivator!

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Sarah Yanofsky

Use this as a guide for aesthetics and where to find good coffee, but in the end, the best study spot is the one where you feel like you can focus. Good luck studying UF, you're gonna ace it!