Little Italy: Inside Tino's

If you know Little Italy, you know Tino’s. They are well known for their fresh mozzarella and one-of-a-kind paninis and sandwiches. When you walk in, it resembles the classic Italian deli. The copper pots hanging from the wall and the small brick pizza oven in the corner give it a homey feel, almost like you are walking into Nonna’s kitchen. There are several foods on display, including homemade meatballs, pasta, lasagnas, and various side dishes. There is something for everyone. Customers will never have a problem finding something on the menu that sounds appetizing. 

Does the food live up to the Italian standard?

When I went to Tino’s with my mom and sister for lunch, we were looking forward to trying the paninis. There are various paninis on the menu, but we were drawn to the Isabella which consisted of three thinly sliced chicken cutlets, homemade mozzarella, and roasted peppers on ciabatta. We all ordered the Isabella, and we were not disappointed in the slightest. To say it was delicious is an understatement. The mozzarella and chicken cutlets melted in my mouth, and the roasted pepper complemented the panini, especially with the olive oil and deli dressing to eliminate any dryness.

My sister and I also ordered iced cappuccinos which paired nicely with the panini. We ordered an extra side of ciabatta bread, and it was so good we just ate it plain. When we were waiting in line to pay, we noticed the rows of Italian staples stocked on the shelves such as olive oil, vinegar, bread, and pasta. The items assisted in creating the Italian ambiance that Tino's captures. This sandwich shop is the closest thing to a classic Italian deli you can find in the heart of Arthur Ave.

Tino's is the place to be

We sat and ate our paninis at one of the large mahogany tables that filled the restaurant. We almost didn’t get a seat because of how busy it was. Right as a customer left, a new one would take their place. Tino’s has great energy, a great location, and most importantly, great food. It is a renowned gem of Little Italy, and it will continue in providing the Bronx with a taste of genuine Italian cuisine for generations to come.