The sun is out, the tulips are in bloom, and The Corp has declared it to be Lawn Season. Who are we to disagree? Every afternoon like clockwork Copley Lawn is filled with picnic blankets and hammocks, students tossing around frisbees like they’re in a 2000s rom-com about college. And what are those students doing as they lounge on the green? Drinking a spring beverage from The Corp.

Today, I decided to hop on the bandwagon and cool off with The Corp’s spring collection of drinks at Hilltoss, which are listed on fliers at most Corp locations. Three of the drinks - The Raspberry Rose Tea, Jalen Arthur, and Hill Blossom- have long been staples. However, The Pom Haze, a modified version of the Purple Haze (lavender syrup-based), is a welcome new addition to their repertoire.

The Jalen Arthur

First up was the Jalen Arthur! The only non-pink drink is made with club soda, lemonade, green tea, and mint and raspberry syrups. The mint was strong right off the bat, adding a refreshing flavor to the mild green tea. None of the flavors were overpowering and all in all very complimentary.

The Toss Blossom

Next, I tried the Toss Blossom. Only available at Hill Toss, this iced drink is made with raspberry rose tea, and mango and lime syrup. Now, I’ve been wanting to try the Toss Blossom for a while, but I could not get behind it. It tasted more medicinal than flowery, a flavor my friend and fellow taste tester described as “sweet-bitter” (not to be confused with bittersweet). To be fair, our other friend really enjoyed it, expressing that the syrups added a kick, which she took for watermelon (checkmate, it was mango). The Toss Blossom may truly be a toss-up (I’m so sorry, I had to).

The Iced Raspberry Rose Tea

The Iced Raspberry Rose Tea (not much to describe in terms of ingredients besides ice and tea) was unfortunately underwhelming as well. It can best be described as a more watered-down version of the Toss Blossom, with a mild rose flavor that while not unpleasant was nothing special. I think that because it lacks the syrups in the Toss Blossom, it ended up being a bit bland. I would be curious to see how it would taste hot, as I’m sure the ice played a role in diluting it. However, any informed Lawn goer knows that hot beverages are not conducive to lawning. A caveat is that the raspberry rose tea is only available iced at Hilltoss.

The Pom Haze

The star of the show was the Pom Haze. The Pom Haze is a mixture of lemonade, club soda, and pomegranate syrup. The pomegranate syrup adds to a fun flavor profile and truly tastes like the perfect spring drink. If you’re looking for a lawn drink this week, I highly recommend it!

As we approach finals with terrifying speed, we must take advantage of the idyllic weather now, and enjoy a beverage alongside your favorite outdoor spot on campus (I’m a Dahlgren Quad girl myself- I know it’s not the lawn but I’m counting it.) Spring into Spring or something like that!