What is one thing missing from the quaint and charming Reynolda Village? How about a full-service bar and restaurant with a cozy, vintage ambiance accompanied by craft cocktails, a curated wine menu, and a food menu that includes freshly-made sandwiches, soups, and salads?

Most Wake Forest University students are familiar with the classic Dough Joe’s or May Way Dumplings, however, this year there has been a new addition to Reynolda Village. Since opening, Theodore’s Bar and Market has become a popular spot for a midday snack or study session amongst Wake Forest students. Owned by the same owner as Dough Joe’s, Anna Margaret Roth, Theodore’s has a menu that ventures far from donuts and coffee.

Upon arriving at Theodore’s, one is immediately drawn to the section of home goods, such as soaps and kitchen wear. Before even glancing at the menu, the collection of anything from fig spreads to homemade candles attracts customers. Once the search for charcuterie board utensils comes to an end, one can make their way over to the big black chalkboard menu.

Theodore’s has an option for everyone. The Caprese sandwich is a vegetarian’s dream, while the double-decker turkey club is a meat lover's holy grail. Customers rave about the Dairyman. This sandwich features brie, havarti, and pear slices melted with fig jam on pressed southern sourdough: a wonderful balance of sweet and savory flavors. If you are in the mood to start your health kick, you might be drawn to the salad section. Stick to the classic caesar salad, or mix it up a bit and try the Farmhand. This salad consists of sliced pears, candied pecans, blueberries, butter lettuce, and croutons, topped with a brown sugar vinaigrette. Or if you are craving for a smoothie, the possibilities are seemingly endless. Theodore's has a flavor smoothie to go along with your vibe for the day. Aside from the delectable sandwiches, Theodore's has options for brunch on weekends. A bacon/sausage, egg, and cheese on a fluffy biscuit paired with an iced latte from downstairs is one of my favorite ways to kick start a Saturday morning.

Rowan Henchy

Now on to my favorite part about this restaurant: the ambiance. The walls are coated in a white subway tile that creates a bright and open space. Blue and white floral glassware sits on the shelves hovering over the wooden tables and benches. The rustic cottage core feeling hits the second you walk into the bar area. With three bar tables directly in front of the bar itself, there is a warm feeling that generates a welcoming atmosphere. The bar itself is fully equipped with any drink made to order. The bartender always welcomes customers with an amiable smile, and an eagerness to create mouthwatering concoctions. The restaurant itself does not take reservations, instead, you order at the register, grab a number, and find a cozy seat in order or in the outdoor courtyard area. Whether outside or inside, customers are guaranteed to leave with a smile, full stomach, and a plethora of new additions to their kitchen appliances.

With only a short walk back to campus, students can pack up their books and computer and embark on their journey on the Reynolda trail. I strongly recommend this fairly priced restaurant to anyone who has the desire to switch up their study spot. So grab a friend and head over to Theodore’s Bar and Market to cram out that paper you have been dreading while chowing down on a freshly made sandwich or salad.