With the end of winter rolling around, let’s talk about some of the best coffee shops and breakfast restaurants in Richmond. I can’t start my day without coffee, and the only thing I like more than coffee is a bomb breakfast sandwich.  

#1 Urban Farmhouse!

This is such a great spot in downtown Richmond. Immediately upon walking in, the atmosphere and vibe make you feel right at home. I can’t lie, my go-to coffee order is an iced vanilla latte, and Urban Farmhouse can sure do it well! 

#2 Cameo Cakery and Cafe

This is what I like to call a hidden gem of Richmond…. This cafe prides itself on its coffee, so it will not disappoint you. On top of that, the pastries are to die for. The ham, egg, and cheddar croissant is a must-try. It is both savory and crunchy, with a hint of sweet croissant dough. 

#3 Shoredog

This is an absolute classic. My friends and I visit Shoredog on almost a weekly basis. I love the feel inside this coffee shop. It is both calming and rejuvenating. I especially enjoy the art. Not only is their coffee a staple, but their breakfast sandwiches are a perfect pairing. 

#4 Surrounding Counties

This is arguably the best breakfast food I have ever had. Both their famous Sausage, Egg, and Cheese Sandwich and Open Faced Salmon Bagel are out of this world. I can not say it enough. This place flies a little under the radar but deserves all the praise possible. 

Ella Freeman

Honorable mention: Grit

I have not been here, but my friends very much enjoy it. This is such a cute, little coffee shop and gets the job done. There are endless coffee shops in Richmond, and I hope you all try some of my favorites!

As they say, breakfast is the most important meal of the day! Make sure to try out these tasty spots!