When a restaurant is packed to the brim on a Wednesday night, you know it’s something special. Pizza Lobo in Andersonville is that kind of place. Its outdoor seating, lawn games, and cheap food and drinks have made it the perfect neighborhood spot for a laid-back night with your friends. 

The concept of Pizza Lobo is optimal for a long night of leisure — the restaurant utilizes open seating with a wonderful outdoor setup and a vintage indoor bar area. The QR code ordering system, where you can start a tab for the night, their outdoor fire pits and bocce ball further enhance the need to stay and hang out until they close at midnight.

Pizza Lobo tauts a menu full of cheap yet creative food. Slices of pizza range from $4 to $7, and fun appetizers include crispy cauliflower, $1 wings and fried pepperoni. Signature whole pies and build your own pies are also available.

I was most excited to try the fun slice combinations, so I ordered three slices and a caesar salad to share. The $7 caesar was perfectly overdressed but not so much so that it was swimming in dressing either. Lemony and savory, it had everything I look for in a caesar dressing with shaved parmesan chunks as well. 

Annie Fingersh

The first slice we tried was the Borgata slice, which was $6 and topped with red sauce, shredded mozzarella, pepperoni, ricotta, Calabrian chile honey and basil. All pepperoni pizzas here are made with pepperoni cups which I absolutely love, and this pizza was no exception. The chile honey and basil added a layer of sweetness to the salty richness of the pizza. I could’ve done without the blob of ricotta though. It just muddled the other flavors, and I ended up scraping it off. 

The next slice we had was the $4 White Russian slice topped with vodka sauce, garlic oil, provolone, mozzarella, pecorino romano and parmesan. I loved the flavor of the pecorino in each bite of this slice. Dipping it in the housemade sriracha sauce added a nice kick and made it even better.

Annie Fingersh

I was most excited to try the $7 IYKYK slice that didn't have a menu description at all. Based on the name and price, I was expecting something extravagant and unique, so I was a little disappointed when we received a slice almost identical to the Borgata. From my guesstimation, this slice had red sauce, pepperoni cups, mozzarella, burrata, fresh cracked pepper and some kind of chili sauce on top. This slice was definitely the best tasting out of all the ones we ordered, but it just wasn’t what I was expecting.

Overall, I absolutely loved the laid-back environment and unique concept of Pizza Lobo (and obviously their pizza, too), making it an easy recommendation from me if you ever find yourself in Andersonville.