Having just seen Mean Girls in theaters last weekend, it is a no-brainer that I needed to hunt down the limited edition Coffee Mate Mean Girls Pink Frosting Liquid Coffee Creamer.

Amanda Clark

Finally finding it in a Target in the next town over, I grabbed it and didn't look back. My first thought was that this packaging was cute and perfectly embodies Mean Girls. There's no other design Coffee Mate could have chosen — it's the Burn Book as a creamer container.

In addition to its appealing design, the irresistibly delicious flavor of the Mean Girls Pink Icing creamer has elevated it to my top choice among coffee creamers. I find myself having the need to stock up on this indulgent treat or fervently hope for its permanence. Despite my initial intention to reduce caffeine intake, the creamer's exquisite taste, reminiscent of delectable icing, transforms my coffee into an irresistibly sweet beverage, making it impossible for me to resist.

Amanda Clark

The packaging and flavor are on point, but the color once it hits the coffee is lacking.

When pouring the creamer into my coffee, the creamer itself is pink, but with a bit of disappointment, the coffee didn't turn pink. I am expecting, or more so hoping, that my coffee will turn pink and give me even more of a Mean Girls experience at home besides the flavor. But my coffee looks normal, and I could have used any creamer that day instead of a pink one. There's always the risk of adding too much dye, which can change the intended flavor. But having my coffee become pink would've been a unique home experience. 

However, even with the lack of color changes, the flavor makes everything okay, especially because I add a lid to my coffee cups. So, in the end, all that matters is the flavor, and the flavor will prevent me from quitting caffeine as long as this creamer is being sold.