In the Spring semester of 2023, I went out to get a slice of pizza every Wednesday night. My friend and I had decided that the pizza on campus didn’t fulfill our cravings for delicious pizza, but we also didn’t want to buy a whole pie for the two of us (we are broke college students after all). Thus, the tradition of trying a different pizza place that serves individual slices every week started. We would head out to the parking garage, and while we were in the car would look up places that served pizza by the slice and head straight to the most interesting one. We ended up trying many, many different places that semester.

Now, I am not claiming to have tried every single pizza place in Phoenix. That would be impossible by going only once a week for one semester, not to mention we repeated the places we really liked. That being said, I did try a lot! I liked some, and loved others. I’m going to introduce you guys to my 3 favorite places, or the ones that were memorable enough to go to more than once.

1. Pizza by Napoli

Starting off strong with my favorite place to get pizza by the slice in Phoenix, we have Pizza by Napoli. Found at 3425 W Thunderbird Road, this is the one place on this list that has really stuck by me. I mean, I was just there last week! The atmosphere kind of makes you feel like you just finished your middle school soccer game and your coach is taking the team out for pizza afterwards. The pizza is delicious, and that’s not even accounting for the wings, garlic knots, and calzones. Genuinely great pizza and great service, and I can’t recommend them enough.

Mikayla Larson

2. Ziggy’s Pizza

Now Ziggy’s is a much different type of pizza place. It’s located right next to the Van Buren, one of Phoenix’s most popular music venues, so there is almost always a concert on the same lot. Even though it is connected to a busy concert venue, it is still easy to find parking, as they have their own small private lot that concert goers aren’t allowed to park in. The food is great, and they have a lot of different flavors available in slice form. There isn’t really inside seating, but there isn’t much better than sitting outside on a nice night with good music playing (plus, it’s great people watching)!

Mikayla Larson

3. Stevie’s Pizza

Now, I can’t leave you off without mentioning Stevie’s Pizza. Located at 20210 N 59th Ave in Glendale, Stevie’s Pizza was my friend’s favorite place of all the ones we tried (Grace, former Spoon member), and while it was not my favorite as much as it was hers, it is still delicious and deserves a spot on this list. The inside is brightly lit, and they also have a lot of specialty pizza slices. Definitely recommend trying it out!

Mikayla Larson

If you guys love pizza as much as I do, you should consider trying out these places. They are super affordable, and definitely worth the drive to get a slice. Happy eating!