Have you been wondering where to get the best slice of pizza in Madison like we have? Well, look no further… because we went on a pizza tour and found three of the best and hottest spots for either just a slice or a full pie. 

Today we are going to be taking you with us to Eat the Best Pizza, Ian’s, and Lucille Madison! Get ready to dig in!

We started off with a great late-night grub, Eat the Best (ETB). ETB is located under the University Bookstore and its flexible hours make for a great late night eat. It’s open until 3 am! We got an order of 6 garlic knots as well as a plain slice for each of us. The size of the slice was great, and that fluffy crust is great for all those crust fans out there. The pizza reminded us of a slice from back home in the New York area–very solid and satisfies that NYC quality pizza craving.

Lili Weissberg

Next up on the pizza tour, we hit the classic Ian’s pizza. There are 2 locations here in Madison, one right near the Capitol on State Street, and another very close to the Kohl Center on 319 N Frances Street. Ian’s has such a great variety of slices we almost couldn’t choose! We agreed on the famous Mac and Cheese slice and the spicy ravioli slice, cut in halves for us to share.

The mac-and-cheese slice was super cheesy with a few noodles sprinkled in, really bringing the whole slice together. The spicy ravioli had the perfect kick to it, with its tangy sauce and real ravioli on top! Both had a crispy crust and light airy dough that we couldn’t get enough of.

Ashley Sonnenberg

Ian’s has some other specialty slices like Smokey the Bandit, which is a BBQ chicken slice with bacon and ranch and one of our favorites. Ian’s also has a slice of the month, a fun and creative way to attract more customers, that we urge you to try! Overall, we rate Ian’s as our number one favorite.

Lastly, we decided to go for something a little less casual and got a reservation at Lucille right near the Capitol. We ordered ourselves “The Queen” wood-fired pizza and all we have to say is WOW! We loved every bite of it.

Between the fresh mozzarella, basil, extra virgin olive oil, and parmesan cheese, the flavors were melting in our mouths. These toppings all came together to make this pizza one you won’t forget. The dense crust is to die for, and that hint coming from the extra virgin olive oil was the perfect flavor to top it off.

Lucille is also known around Madison for its Chicago steel pan pizza. We have been to Chicago, and we promise it is almost identical to a famous deep dish. Because of the restaurant's ambiance and classier vibe, this is our second favorite choice for pizza. We will definitely be back here!

Thanks for tagging along with us as we try Madison’s hottest pizza spots. We are always looking for more places to try and can’t wait to tour more in the future. The next spots we want to try are Naples 15, for their authentic margarita pizza, and Porta Bella for their special pepperoni. We hope after reading this you will all be inspired to take a break and go grab a slice!