Midnight snacks are a wonderful thing. Unfortunately, downtown Washington, D.C. is infamous for being lifeless at night.

Every restaurant, cafe and bar inside the beltway seems to close at 4pm. What to do, then, if you’re enjoying an evening on the town with your friends and you start to feel hungry? Never fear. SpoonU has ranked the top five late-night snacks in the area that any night owl is sure to love.

5) Decisions, Decisions: Z-Burger’s 75 Flavors of Shakes

Feeling indecisive? Then don’t go to Z-Burger. From amaretto to watermelon and everything in between, this burger joint has virtually any flavor of shake you can think of.

My personal favorite: the marshmallow shake. It’s like vanilla only sweeter and richer, like a s’more but cool and refreshing. However, if marshmallow doesn’t strike your fancy, there are 74 other shakes on the menu.

It’s worth noting that if you came back every Friday to try a new flavor, it would take sixteen months to order them all. Better get started.

4) Crazy Crepes: Dessert at Crepeaway

The “no dancing” sign on the wall is fooling no one. In the witching hours of every Friday and Saturday night, the calm, Parisian-esque dining room of this unsuspecting restaurant turns into a nightclub.

If dancing is your thing, then go for it! As for me, I'll be in a corner, all alone with my Celine sweet crepe. It's stuffed with an unheard-of combination of Nutella, marshmallow and strawberries. Is the recipe a bit non-traditional? Of course, but so is the idea of a creperie that's open until 4am.

3) Beautiful Baklava at Boli's

Elliott Parrish

How many layers of flaky, crispy phyllo dough are there in a piece of baklava? Your guess is as good as mine.

If you're unfamiliar, baklava is a Middle Eastern dessert consisting of chopped pistachios, lots of honey and the aforementioned, painstakingly layered phyllo. The dish is incredibly airy--almost like eating honeycomb. It's hard to imagine a better pastry to fuel your nighttime shenanigans around the District.

Word to the wise: Boli's Pizza, the purveyor of this sticky-sweet snack, shares a carryout counter with DC Halal Shawarma. It's a quick walk from the Tenleytown Metro station on Wisconsin ave.

2) Some Like it Hot: Hot Chocolate at the Steak and Egg Diner

Elliott Parrish

This old-school breakfast joint is open late on weekends, and it's added a decidedly modern touch. Food is carried to your table not by a waiter, but by a charming robot on wheels. This is quite a novelty, and it drew more than a few stares during my visit as it rolled smoothly throughout the dining room. Who knows? Perhaps being served by a robot will become commonplace in the future.

Elliott Parrish

As for the hot chocolate, it comes adorned in gobs of whipped cream, chocolate syrup, cocoa powder and mini marshmallows sprinkled on top. I don't recommend waiting for winter to order this delectable beverage. The Steak and Egg Diner has created the perfect cup of cocoa for any season.

1) Banana Pudding at Oohhs & Aahhs

Elliott Parrish

Even at ten o'clock at night, there is a crowd of lively patrons outside the entrance of Oohhs & Aahhs on U Street. In an area full of exciting night life, this soul food restaurant stands out for its redeye hours (open until 4am) and its impeccable banana pudding.

The pudding's cream base is light and fluffy, boasting an enticing burst of banana puree. It is mixed with crumbled, moist Nilla wafers, which are essential to any good banana pudding recipe. The buttery cookie crumbles offer a hint of salt, adding texture and a delicious depth of flavor to the custard.

It would be a mistake to spend an evening on U Street without stopping for this spectacular banana pudding. All in all, some midnight snacks are worth staying up for.