Okay so I know puns are out, but Raining Berries reigns large with their truly punny slogan “Kiss my Açai." And I will, gladly. Because their menu is sens-açaí-tional. From their vibrant bowls and smoothies to charming decorations, they’ve managed to capture the full fruit-bowl experience. Whether you are looking for a tropical escape or a cozy autumn latte, Raining Berries is a prime location. Their diverse menu will have you in all the fall feels and summer sensations. 

Melanie Estrada

Berry Honest Reviews: Food

Spoon University’s University of Florida chapter was invited for a soft opening of Raining Berries. Members were encouraged to explore the menu, and choose items to satiate their palette. Here are a few of the items we tried, and our honest reactions to Gainesville’s new hottest spot. 

Jennifer Kim

It’s Raining Berries

This is your classic açai bowl. The creamy peanut butter and crisp granola topping to complement the creamy base was delectable. This açai consistency was like gelato – not quite as icy as a sorbet, but not as milky as an ice cream. This was a berry good staple. 

Victoria Manrique

Gourmet Grilled Cheese

Not to be cheesy, but this was the perfect cozy addition to our Thursday evening. The melting sensation of butter and cheese lathered between crisp white bread was a comforting feeling, warming us from the inside out. Looking for something a little more exciting? Order the Gourmet Grilled Cheese for some bacon crunch, cheese diversity, and pesto pizzazz. It’s just as goud-a!

Andrea Contreras

Eggocado Toast

Holy guacamole, this toast was the perfect balance of egg and avocado. Cherry tomatoes, arugula, and finely boiled eggs all topped on avocado-spread artisanal toast goodness. And the kicker – a thin drizzle of sriracha sauce on top – certainly made this toast the hottest on the menu. I want this for breakfast every day. 

Vegan Breakfast Sandwich

Who knew a vegan sandwich could amount to such flavor and protein content? If you’re a health nut, this is a great way to pack some veggies into your classic breakfast sandwich, without seeing any veggies at all! All these nutrients are hiding in a chickpea-based egg, seitan sausage patty, and vegan cheese.

Summer Johnston

Strawberry Chocolate Chip Belgian Waffle

These waffles definitely stacked up to the mark for us. With melted chocolate chips in each bite and a sweet, tart strawberry top, we couldn’t have asked for a more comforting snack. The waffle itself was so buttery-soft that the calories simply melted away. This is an homage to all the sweet tooths out there.

Berry Honest Reviews: Drinks

Blueberry Fields

This was love at first sip. It truly blue me away just how much it resembled a blueberry cheesecake – the perfect balance of sweetness and a custard undertone. This is another great protein option, and the best part is, it doesn’t have an artificial protein taste. In fact, all of Raining Berries’ ingredients are organic, including their protein powder. 

Pink Coconut

This coastal drink drives me bananas, maybe even coconuts. A delicious blend of strawberries, bananas, guava, vanilla protein, and coconut milk, with a consistency smoother than applied sunscreen on a shiny day. I would drink this on the beach and I would drink this in my dorm. Frankly, I would drink it anywhere.

Ella Acker

Vanilla Protein

Not into fruit fields but still want your protein? Try the Vanilla Protein Smoothie – Shake Smart’s newest rival. Raining Berries allows you to enhance your drink with add-ins, so add strawberries and peanut butter for your standard, organic, and energizing protein drink.

Sweet Honey

This smoothie will have you fall-ing in love with all the fall flavors. If you’re a fan of oatmeal and honey, this is your drink. At first sip, you will feel a wave of sweet honey. At last sip, the aftertaste of toasty oats lingers. An underrated classic that will leave you craving some autumn goodies.

Green Dream

For those of you who like spinach in your drinks, we had to try their green drink just for you! And to say the least, we weren’t mad about getting our vegetables in just this once. The creaminess of the spinach coupled with the tangy pineapple and mango makes the ultimate colorful smoothie.  

The Inside Scoop

Now for the pressing question. With so many rivals like Playa Bowls, Shake Smart, and the works, what makes Raining Berries the ultimate spot? For that we had to ask the owner himself, Roberto. His response was that, not only is Raining Berries an entirely plant based and organic company, but it has an environment that he believes will excite and inspire customers. I have to agree there— the restaurant certainly screams good vibes. When asked for three all encompassing words to vibe-check Raining Berries, the owner chose “Positive, Beautiful, and Real." His personal picks off of the menu include the Caprese Sandwich, Coconut Base Açaí Bowl, and Grilled Cheese.

If you like fruit bowls or smoothies- this is the place for you. If you like coffee from mason jars, this also happens to be the place for you. More into sandwiches and waffles? This is also the place to be. Just looking for good vibes? You’ll definitely find them.

Açai you all at Raining Berries!