Costa. Banjo. Blue Donkey. Kaldi's. The DCT hot drinks section.

With so many coffee shop options across campus, Emory students certainly have their favorites. I've even heard some fights break out over which one has the coolest flavors, offers the most caffeine, or is the best overall.

When the new Rollins building opened and a Dancing Goats inside along with it, there wasn't much uproar among the undergrads. It's a little removed from main campus and is most frequented by the nurses and nursing students who work in that building. So, as a self-identified coffee and pastry enthusiast with years of a passion for exploring different local shops, I set out to determine if it's worth the trek across the bridge.


The layout is modern but cozy. It seems closer to a brand-new study space with brightly colored chairs than a coffee shop, but it does have some tables to sit at and enjoy food with friends.

The space around Dancing Goats feels open and relaxed, and during peak hours you can find people talking and others working with headphones in. My verdict? Dancing Goats is the perfect place for social studying.


Jessica Apple

The iced green tea and chai latte are two of my favorite drinks to order at Dancing Goats. The green tea is light and not too bitter. It's subtle and delicately earthy. The chai latte is a rarity in my book because it's actually not too sugary. I do wish the chai-to-milk ratio was stronger, but the bite of chai, cinnamon that rims the cup, and slight sweetness make for a delicious combination.

Dancing Goats' spring drinks include a toasted coconut hojicha green tea latte, the pistachio and rosemary Spring Meadows Mocha, and the Honeybee Double.

Last week, I set out to try this last signature drink, as I was intrigued by the combination of espresso and sparkling water with house-made honeybee syrup (concocted from honey, lemon juice, local honeybee pollen, and grapefruit zest).

My advice? The Honeybee Double is not for the faint of heart. If you know you like espresso over ice and sparkling water or care more about an energy kick than taste, you'll enjoy this drink. It's bitter with a fruity sweetness that takes off some of the edge but doesn't taste like it makes sense. I experienced a caffeine crash without even finishing the drink! 

If the Honeybee Double is too strong, the coffees I've gotten from Dancing Goats haven't been strong enough. In fact, I'd describe them as pretty watered-down. Considering its delicious teas and the canned blueberry lavender kombucha it sells, which I have nothing but high praise for, I would recommend coming to Dancing Goats for drinks outside of coffee.

Pastries and Snacks

Onto something I can give much better reviews for (— the food. Dancing Goats offers a wide array of chia parfaits, salads in jars, muffins, donuts, and croissants. I only sampled their fan favorites, but I'm already marking off time on my calendar to come back and try them all.

Jessica Apple

Pictured here are the cinnamon sugar donut and the raspberry cream cheese danish. Donut is somewhat of a misnomer, as this actually feels very cake-y. That's not to say it's bad, however, just that it doesn't have the typical springiness of a donut. The cinnamon sugar donut is light and soft with the perfect balance of spice and sweetness.

As for the raspberry cream cheese danish, this is probably my favorite thing I've tried so far. The cream cheese is smooth, and the raspberry jam tastes so fresh and naturally sweet. You know it's good when you can see real seeds, right? My only note is the pastry border isn't as crispy as expected, so be sure to order this earlier in the day when it's fresh. And it's a must to ask for it warmed up!