When you think of Ann Arbor and food you typically think of the classic sandwich and breakfast places, but sushi is taking over Ann Arbor one spot at a time. These top 6 sushi spots are elevating the Ann Arbor sushi scene and getting students hooked, including myself.

Being from New York, I came into school worried about getting my weekly sushi fix, but I have not been disappointed yet. Ann Arbor has plenty of amazing sushi options that fit the likes of every type of sushi eater. If you are a basic California roll eater or will eat literally anything like me, these spots will have something for you.

Of Rice and Men

Katerina Jonna

Of Rice and Men is located in downtown Ann Arbor and is the perfect spot to go when your parents are in town. With elevated Asian fusion, their menu features delicious and unique sushi options. We recommend you start with pieces of nigiri and crispy rice and definitely try out their tango mango roll. 


Jordan Dohrman

Miki is another elevated downtown sushi spot taking over Ann Arbor. Stop by Miki for a delicious meal before going out at nearby spots. Throughout their menu you will find long lists of delicious and unique rolls. Feeling fancy? Order one of their sushi boats to split with your special someone. Make sure to visit Miki every so often as their menu is constantly changing with the addition of seasonal specials. Our current favorite is the yellowtail carpaccio roll.

Mama Satto

Ella Breslawsky

Trying Mama Satto is a freshman's rite of passage. If you have not been here, what are you doing? Mama Satto is perfectly located in the middle of campus, making it sometimes too easy to secure delicious sushi. Some of Mama Satto's greatest hits include the tuna crispy rice, crunch crunch roll, and samurai roll. If dining with a sushi hater, there are plenty of menu options outside the realm of sushi.


Ella Breslawsky

Right down the street from Mama Satto is another student favorite, Totoro. Pictured above is one of Totoro's classics, the totoro tower roll: spicy tuna on top of a tower of sushi rice. We also recommend the New York roll and sashimi bibimbop. Totoro is perfect for takeout or dining in. For special occasions they offer sushi specials in a boat. 


Katerina Jonna

Kanbu sushi is located between downtown Ann Arbor and campus and is another beloved spot for Michigan students. Kanbu serves up unique takes on sushi which take form in sushi burritos! Many of their classic rolls are available in burrito style. Feeling fancy? Split two burritos with a friend to get a taste of more of their delicious options. Kanbu also has the unique option to build your own roll or poke bowl.

Slurping Turtle

Lindsey Smith

Slurping Turtle may be known for their ramen or "slurps" but you will not want to miss our on their delicious sushi options. To get the whole experience, we recommend you sit at the sushi bar and get mesmerized by their fantastic sushi chefs. Pictured above is their pink lady roll and spicy tuna deluxe. We also love their elevated ginger salad topped with pickled vegetables. Don't skip on their bao buns to perfectly compliment your delicious sushi meal.