If there’s one thing about me, it's that I love sushi. Another thing is…I’m a harsh critic. DOMODOMO, NYC's first handroll bar located on Houston Street, has been on my must-try list for the past year, so when it came time for dinner while I was back home during spring break, I snagged a coveted reservation. Here is my review of the experience. So take my word for it, or you’ll have to make a visit of your own to sushi heaven.

The Vibe

DOMODOMO is deceiving. From the outside, you would never guess one of the best sushi restaurants in New York City (yes, they have a Michelin Star) lies on the other side of the wooden door.

The restaurant is beautifully decorated, chic, sleek, and calming, yet still buzzing with energy. The menu is classic but inventive. You can expect your tried and true spicy tuna, but DOMODOMO offers you the opportunity to venture out…a lobster handroll? Yes, please.

Cold Dishes

DOMODOMO NYC has a variety of cold dishes to start your meal. We opted for the spicy tuna cones among many enticing options, including edamame, cucumber salad, and salmon tartare.

At first, there is the wow factor of the presentation, but it doesn’t end there. Filled with exploding flavors, the spicy tuna has the perfect ratio of spice to creaminess. Remember the chocolate chunk at the bottom of a cone you loved as a kid? As you polish off your spicy tuna cone, a burst of spicy mayo fills the bottom layer, a fun and creative twist on the classic ice cream cone.

Melanie Dash


Every sushi lover knows the difference between high-quality nigiri and average. Let me tell you, DOMODOMO delivered. We opted for king salmon with truffle salt and fatty tuna. The king salmon was delicious, and the truffle salt perfectly complemented the flavors of the fresh salmon.

However, the real showstopper was the fatty tuna: melt-in-your-mouth type of good. Even my friend, who doesn’t enjoy nigiri, raved about this dish. We could have eaten ten more pieces but needed to save room for the rest of the delicious meal.

Melanie Dash

Hand Rolls

After seeing DOMODOMO’s famous handrolls all over TikTok and Instagram, I was excited to try them. We ordered four: salmon, spicy tuna with crunch, blue crab, and lobster. All of them were incredible, but the blue crab was a real standout. It was incredibly fresh and buttery without being too heavy…it’s a must-order. 

Hot Dishes

DOMODOMO is not just about sushi. Their hot dishes were incredible and will impress even the pickiest diner. For the final course, we ordered grilled octopus, tobiko pasta, and the katsu sando.

I was expecting a meager portion of octopus for such an expensive restaurant, but DOMODOMO did not disappoint. A large plate of octopus arrived at our table. The pieces were large and grilled perfectly atop a bed of mushrooms. As someone who used to be anti-mushroom, I can confidently say DOMODOMO has turned me into a fan. They were delicious and coated in a yuzu sauce, leaving me wanting more.

Melanie Dash

Next, we tried the tobiko pasta. Pasta at a Japanese restaurant? Absolutely yes! DOMODOMO’s spin on linguine with crab surpassed every expectation. Creamy and flavorful, I would choose this pasta dish over any traditional one every time. The tobiko provided color, texture, and a pop of flavor that gave the dish its signature smoky and salty taste.

Melanie Dash

Lastly, the katsu sando was a real standout among the hot dishes. As soon as this dish hit our table, our jaws dropped. Think of a luxurious spin on a sandwich: a piece of fried pork sandwiched between two slices of white bread with a sweet onion jam. The white bread was fluffy and pillowy, which pairs perfectly with the crunch of the katsu pork. This was by far our favorite hot dish.

Melanie Dash

DOMODOMO NYC is a must-visit whether you’re a New York native or a sushi lover trying to hit all the stops on your next visit. Although the meal comes with a hefty price tag, it is a true culinary experience worth every penny.