If you are looking for a cute Instagram-worthy breakfast cafe approximately 20 minutes from the Rutgers—New Brunswick campuses, head to Hatch 44 Cafe in Metuchen. However, one thing to keep in mind is no matter when you go during its 8 a.m. to 3 p.m. hours, expect a wait. This place is always packed to the brim, but it is worth the wait for its food.

This brunch restaurant checks off each point on a list that makes you want to either try it for the first time or become a regular: friendly staff who is on top of everything, a short wait between ordering and receiving your food and drinks, high-quality food that not only tastes good but also fills you up, and a cozy home-like atmosphere. Hatch 44 Cafe is paperless for the menu, so if you are someone who likes to plan what you want to order in advance, this is a great way to check out its menu, or you could do it while waiting for your table.

Amanda Clark

When I finally sat down, I knew I’d want to order a morning coffee to wake me up. Ordering the Dulce de Leche Cafe was the perfect decision because it had a caramel sweetness, but the coffee itself wasn’t overly sweet. If you do get this coffee, make sure you stir the drink so some of the caramel mixed in doesn’t just sink to the bottom. Sometimes with different coffee you order from cafes, you can’t quite taste the advertised flavor, but that was not the case with Hatch 44 Cafe’s Dulce de Leche Cafe. You had a great mix of expresso and could still take the caramel.

It will cost you $6.50, and the ingredients to craft this cup are espresso, dulce de leche, milk, and foam topped with caramel. You’ll have the option to have it served hot or with ice. I chose the hot version, which made me want to try the cafe's different coffee flavors. With that foam top, you were given a beautifully decorated drink that also came with three coffee beans.

Amanda Clark

Even though there were lunch options, I ordered French toast and tried the breakfast food. I got the Coffee Cream Toast for $14.95, which was made from challah bread dipped in a cappuccino, vanilla, and cinnamon batter stuffed with raspberry jam. Then coffee cream was placed on the side, with strawberries and blackberries on the toast. The challah bread reminded me of angel food cake with how fluffy and lightweight it was. Having both the raspberry jam and coffee cream completely balanced one another out with the sweetness and bitterness you could have with each bite. The jam was already spread onto the toast, which tasted good on its own. The coffee cream was on the side, so you could choose how much or little to spread onto the toast because it was too bitter without the jam.

I highly recommend ordering this dish because each ingredient complimented the other, providing your tastebuds with some balance.

I did not order the $13.95 Que Churro, but my friend who I went with did and offered for me to try some. I, of course, said yes to see if the waffle actually tasted like a churro. To my surprise, it did taste like a churro you would buy from a summer fair, but it wasn’t as soft. This waffle was hard on the outside, making it difficult to cut, but the middle of the waffle was how any waffle is: soft and fluffy. The Belgian waffle was brushed with butter, coated in cinnamon sugar, drizzled with caramel sauce, and topped with house whip cream, strawberries, and blackberries. If you like cinnamon-flavored foods, this would be the dish to order.

Overall, Hatch 44 Cafe is the cafe for Generation Z or anyone looking for a place to order food that will not disappoint.