If you’re looking for a fun, upbeat, and modern place to hang with your friends and get amazing tacos, Bar Taco is the place to go. Tacos and friends - what could be better!


Taylor Kmiec

I ventured to the Seaport District this past week and indulged in some amazing tacos. It is an easy drive or T ride and the food is more than worth the hike over.

The vibe of the restaurant is modern and fun. Most of the people there were young, including the servers. The employees were all extremely friendly and helpful the whole time. It was a quick walk to the water which is always a beautiful bonus. The music was upbeat and the décor was unique.

Bar Taco has taken a unique and modern way to deal with orders. You scan a QR code and do all the ordering from your phone. They have done away from the traditional table service that you would receive at a restaurant. From your phone, you send in your order to the kitchen and the food comes out extremely quickly. I really liked this style of ordering because it is extremely efficient for busy restaurants as workers can focus on problems that arise and serve more tables at once. 


Taylor Kmiec

The tacos are very small and cheap. They are three to four bites each and the price is about $3 a taco. This allows you to try lots of different tacos and explore their menu to the fullest.

While there we tried a few different tacos, the off-the-cob street corn, and the sweet tea, which was delicious.

We chose the cauliflower, chili-lime shrimp, glazed pork belly, and the special tempura avocado tacos. We ranked them from our favorite to least favorite: glazed pork belly, tempura avocado, cauliflower, and then lastly, chili-lime shrimp. All were extremely tasty and flavorful, and I am looking forward to going back to try more of the menu.

One thing that is very important to note is that the food does run on the spicier side. I personally have no spice tolerance at all and although it was manageable my mouth was on fire at times. So, when ordering it is important to know that aspect.

The Flavors

The tempura avocado taco was the special, which is why we ordered the biggest quantity of it (three tacos). A great crunch came when you bit into the taco and then your mouth was overwhelmed by the favor of fresh avocado. It was accompanied by a pickled cabbage slaw which was also very tasty. The two paired very well together. 

Next was the cauliflower taco. Although this taco was not my favorite, it was still very tasty. The cauliflower had a seasoning on it that gave it a nice and spicy flavor, and was paired with chopped fresh onions as well as some cilantro. It was such a good combo and the cauliflower was cooked perfectly. 

Then we had the chili-lime shrimp taco. In all honesty the flavors were immaculate with the spice of the chili and the hint of lime and flavor of the shrimp. However, I was unable to finish it because it was a little too spicy for my tastebuds to handle. My mouth was on fire. But if you like seafood and spice this is the taco for you! 

Saving the best for last was the glazed pork belly. It was phenomenal. The favors of the glaze were sweet and perfect and the pork belly was cooked to perfection as it melted in your mouth. It stole the show as I cannot even remember what it was paired with but it was truly an incredible taco. I could have eaten a hundred of them. 

The last thing I had was the off-the-cob street corn. It had a hint of spice to it but the sweetness of the corn and the flavor of the cheese and the spice worked wonders together. I am a big fan of street corn and this has to be the best that I have had in a long time. 

In the End...

One thing I love is trying new restaurants with friends, and this place is my new go-to. It is the perfect place to grab tacos and have a chill and quick but good bite to eat. The flavors and taco types are all unique; it was a great experience. 

If you enjoy Bar Taco as much as I did but do not live in Boston year-round, don’t worry. There are several Bar Taco locations across the country!

Click the link to find their menu!

Taylor Kmiec