When you're craving your favorite Mediterranean dishes, be sure to check out Ameer's. As we all know, Cava is wonderful at satisfying this desire, but it pales in comparison to Ameer's in its authenticity and fresh flavors. This restaurant is a staple on my hidden gems list because of its delectable food and stellar service. Although some might consider it the best-kept secret for Emory students who have a soft spot for Mediterranean food, we don't gatekeep here at Spoon!


Only a 7 minute drive from campus, Ameer's is the perfect spot for an easy weekday meal, a quick lunch with friends, or a nice dinner atmosphere. Ameer's has a lot of seating available for dine-in, however, if you're the type of person who prefers to eat in the comfort of your own home, it is just as good, and due to its close proximity, it's quick. I would still go with the in person dining option because of the helpful staff recommendations and the added special sides that make the overall dining experience better. 


My favorite dish at Ameer's has to be the chicken shawarma plate. All the platters come with a plentiful portion of your main entree on top of rice alongside a medley of cucumbers, tomatoes, and peppers. Additionally, every meal comes with complementary pita and hummus. The chicken shawarma consists of very tender and flavorful small pieces of chicken. It also has the most delicious side of garlic sauce that usually only comes with the shawarma, but I beg you to order it regardless of what your meal is. You can't go wrong with anything you try at Ameer's, and I promise you will always leave satisfied thanks to all the free fix-ins. 

Ameer's Grille is my go-to place for authentic Mediterranean cuisine, so after this article I hope it becomes yours too. Don't let this underrated spot go unnoticed!