Ashley's is the perfect college town pub with a seemingly never-ending menu and a convenient State Street location. The lively atmosphere makes it the perfect spot for a fun friend gathering. With TVs adorning both the inside and outside areas, you will want to spend your next gameday here.

The Mission

Ashley's has an important mission: ensure the entire menu is locally sourced, giving the restaurant a comforting, home-like feel. They even go so far as butchering their own meat to ensure perfection and satisfaction among their customers. The restaurant has always had strong ambitions; they even chose their name in 1983 based on the alphabetical order of a phonebook, so they would be easy to locate!

The Food

The food Ashley's serves is a mix of both traditional bar food and new elements of classic bar staples. For example, their burgers may appear typical from the outside, but they are anything but normal. Ashley's makes their own buns from Japanese milk to ensure they stay stable and do not get soggy from the many flavorful ingredients lining the burger.

Lindsey Smith

Other than their classic burger, which was cooked to perfection with a combination of flavors hard to beat, Spoon also tried soft pretzels, Korean fried chicken, and steak fajitas: three of the restaurant's staples. 

Lindsey Smith
Lindsey Smith
Lindsey Smith

The popcorn chicken was a highlight of the night; it was incredibly flavorful both alone and with the sauces, making it a fun appetizer to eat. The dish came with both a sweet and a spicy sauce, making it customizable to the preferences of whoever's enjoying it. 

The soft pretzels were baked to perfection; warm and crispy on the outside and soft on the inside. They were big enough to keep going back for more and came with two sauces - a cheese dip and a mustard - both made entirely in-house. The dipping sauces make the pretzels yet another choose-your-own-adventure experience, emphasizing the restaurant's aim to make food for everyone to enjoy. 

The steak fajitas were the perfect meal to share! They were super flavorful and juicy, and it was super easy to make the perfect tortilla-to-steak ratio with the tortillas served on the side.

Go to Ashley's!

Whether you're looking for some good comfort food or need somewhere to sit and watch a game, Ashley's is the place to be. The convenient location of Central Campus and the many food and drink options make it impossible to miss!