Taco Bell means something different to everyone. For some, it’s a once-in-a-year dreaded roadtrip stop where there was absolutely nothing else to eat. For others, it's a sacred visit reserved only for the hours after midnight. But then to a select few (and me particularly), it is something more. It's a lifestyle, a place friends hangout late at night and enjoy delicious, potentially stomach ache inducing fast food. With Taco Bell being my go-to fast food place, naturally, I have had the chance to try almost every single menu item over the years. So here is my not-so-official review of every permanent food item from Taco Bell. Variants will not be re-reviewed. With each entry, I include a rating out of 10 as well as an estimate of how many times I have tried it. 


Alan Guo

Crunchy Taco (6/10) - 20 times

Taco Bell’s signature item. Who can go wrong with a taco? The large, folded tortilla chip, decorated with ground beef, lettuce and cheese. A fair blend of ingredients that does the job, but it does not offer anything spectacular. An oldie but a goodie.

Soft Taco (5/10) - five times

Same ingredients as the classic crunchy taco, just with a soft tortilla. The tortilla adds a nice starchy texture, soaking in the flavor from the ground beef. Overall, not as much flavor as the classic taco but still contains the key ingredients of beef, lettuce and cheese.

Spicy Potato Soft Taco (4/10) - one time

I only ordered this because I had a reward to try it for free, and I probably will not get it again. The chipotle sauce, delicious as always, supplements the soft potatoes well, but overall, there are better options on the menu.

Doritos Locos Tacos (8/10) - 10 times

What if you had the crunchy taco, but you made the shell a nacho cheese Dorito? Turns out it adds an explosion of taste that makes it one of my top five options on the menu. The nacho cheese flavor acts like a seasoning or sauce on an otherwise plain taco.

Chalupa (10/10) - 10 times

Perhaps the most underrated Taco Bell entry, the Chalupa holds a special place in my heart (or stomach). A taco, but with a fried flatbread acting as its shell. Pure, starchy perfection. And guess what? There’s sour cream too. With these two changes, the Chalupa simply melts in your mouth with juicy deliciousness.

Cheesy Gordita (9/10) - five times

Another underrated item, the Cheesy Gordita Crunch was recently changed into a permanent item, and man does that make me happy. Basically the child of a crunchy taco and a Chalupa, it shares the best of both worlds, while supplemented with ranch instead of sour cream. The only reason it is not a 10 is because its flatbread is thinner, which sometimes makes me crave for more.


Alan Guo

Bean Burrito (4/10) - two times

A bean burrito, not much else to say. Refried beans are flavorful, and as one of the only items on the menu with onions, it has a very distinct flavor compared to most other Taco Bell items. There are better burritos out there though.

Beefy 5-Layer Burrito (7/10) - five times

Synonymous with the Taco Bell Cravings Box, one of these will surely fill up your stomach. With nacho cheese and two layers of tortilla, it can be a bit too much tortilla at times but generally, when you are hungry and craving something to eat, the beefy 5-layer burrito will satiate all your hunger.

Chipotle Ranch Burrito (5/10) - one time

Item one of the $2 burrito trio, the chipotle ranch burrito is a stark contrast to the beefy, greasy, cheesy Taco Bell staples. Almost like a salad, the chipotle sauce once again complements the juicy chicken very well, but it can feel a little too healthy for me with all the vegetables when I prefer a pure, Taco Bell taste.

Beefy Melt Burrito (8/10) - six times

Another item of the $2 burrito trio, this is quite possibly the most bang-for-your-buck entry on this list. The beefy melt burrito is a smaller cousin of the limited grilled cheese burrito. The fiesta strips with rice, sour cream, cheese, nacho cheese and beef is everything you could ask for, all packed into two dollars.

Fiesta Veggie Burrito (6/10) - one time

The last of the $2 burrito trio, the fiesta veggie is honestly just a better version of the chipotle ranch burrito. They both pack a lot of veggies, but the fiesta veggie features an added guacamole chipotle sauce, seasoned rice and beans.

Cheesy Bean and Rice (7/10) - 10 Times

This one holds a special place in my heart. I remember when I was younger, I used to always order a cheesy bean and rice burrito with nacho cheese after soccer. Though it doesn't carry any meat or anything particularly special, the refried beans, cheese and rice still pair perfectly to make a balanced item that tastes brilliant, both 10 years ago after practice and now.


Alan Guo

Mexican Pizza (7/10) - one time

Probably the most unique item on the menu, it is essentially a mix of a taco and burrito, but in the shape of a pizza. With a crunchy tortilla chip, refried beans, beef, cheese and tomatoes, the Mexican pizza contains Taco Bell’s signature ingredients albeit in a strange form, creating a tasty, yet innovative pizza.

Crunchwrap Supreme (6/10) - three times

The Crunchwrap Supreme may be a lot of people’s favorite item, but for me, it is vastly overrated. Maybe it is from bad experiences, but the tortilla folds often create an imbalance of too much tortilla for the ingredients within. I would rather enjoy a taco or a burrito with the same staple Taco Bell ingredients inside. It's still tasty, but definitely not my go-to.

Sides & Sweets

Cheesy Roll Up (6/10) - one time

One of those small Taco Bell side items, it is a fair cheese wrap that does the job, but it will solely be that side item — nothing more, nothing less.

Chicken Chipotle Melt (8/10) - five times

Basically a mini, rolled-up version of the chicken quesadilla, it features grilled chicken with a chipotle sauce and cheese. It's an incredible combination that packs such a big punch for such a small item.

Chips and Cheese (7/10) - 10 times

Another staple item in Taco Bell's cravings boxes, you can't go wrong with gooey nacho cheese sauce and delicately light, crunchy chips. Sometimes, simplicity is key.

Cinnamon Twists (7/10) - five times

The first sweet food item on the list, and the only one I have tried (sorry Cinnabon Delights), the light yet fried texture while being covered in cinnamon is a perfect sweet side that does not leave you feeling too full like most desserts.


Alan Guo

Quesadilla (10/10) - 20 times

Saving Taco Bell’s best item for second to last, the quesadilla is my absolute favorite item on the menu. The grilled chicken and tortilla tied together by layers of cheese and that all-mighty tangy chipotle sauce is literally something to die for. The flavor is so addicting, and the portion is large enough to satisfy your cravings as you savor each and every bite.

Nachos BellGrande (7/10) - two times

You would think a deluxe version of the chips and cheese would increase the rating, but honestly the Nachos Bellgrande’s addition of tomatoes and beef does not add much in my opinion, other than changing it from a side to a main entree. Some nacho cheese is really all I need for my chips.


With that, we have gone through every Taco Bell item! (Besides the supreme burrito, chili cheese burrito, Cinnabon Delights and any new menu items ... ) There is surely an item out there for everyone, and the repetition of similar ingredients can definitely start to feel old after a while. But when I am feeling starved, I can't ever say no to Taco Bell, with its glistening neon Live Más sign and its wide selection of goodies!