One of the best things about Rutgers is that there are always pop-ups with different companies for students to get involved on campus. There are especially a lot on the College Avenue campus, and recently, this campus hosted a Dunkin’ pop-up where students could get free munchkins, Pumpkin Iced Coffee, the Strawberry Dragonfruit Refresher, a bright orange bag, and a bright pink cup.

While it’s a place for the company to basically sell its products by enticing those who attend to seek out what they try, it is still a fun experience, mainly because there is free food and drinks. So make sure to keep an eye out for any future pop-ups that will come to campus!

The first thing I tried was the Pumpkin Iced Coffee in the cute, itty, bitty cups the company had, and it was delicious. I’m someone who prefers a sweeter blend to my coffee but will still love the ones on the bitter side because no matter what, it feeds into my love for coffee. This pumpkin coffee was more on the bitter side, with slight hints of sweet pumpkin shining through. There were some notes of hazelnut coming through as well, which blended perfectly with the pumpkin.

Amanda Clark

For those who want to try this but need that sweeter side added to their coffee, ask if the barista can add some extra pumpkin and hazelnut flavoring to the iced coffee. It will become your new fall obsession.

Next, I tried the Strawberry Dragonfruit Refresher, and this became something I now seek out. I have all of my classes on the College Avenue campus, yet I still find myself taking the Rutgers’ LX bus to get to the Dunkin’ on Livingston campus just for this refresher.

Strawberry flavoring always makes something stand out, and the mix of the dragonfruit only makes this drink have more of a punch of flavor. It has a well-balanced blend of sweetness, and I found myself not being able to put the shot-sized plastic cup down. If you’re ever unsure about what to try at Dunkin’, try this refresher, and you won’t be disappointed.

Amanda Clark

Once I had both free drink samples at the Dunkin' pop-up, I opened the Dunkin' bag and found a chocolate-glazed and regular-glazed munchkin. As I'm sure everyone reading this has tried these munchkins before, they were like the ones you get from an actual Dunkin' shop. They were soft, and the glaze added the sugariness to each bite. I wish Dunkin' was giving out the 10-count containers of the munchkins because it's a great snack.

Amanda Clark

Even if you’re in a rush to get to class, keep your eyes peeled for a food-related pop-up, as you can grab the food within minutes. If you have more time, let yourself experience the other activities involved, too. The Dunkin’ pop-up offered a Dunkin’-themed swing to go on, a chance for you to draw on a specially designed Dunkin’ New Brunswick interactive mural and grab free goodies.

No matter what you’re in the mood for or to do, a Rutgers pop-up will make your day, even if the next one isn't a Dunkin' pop-up event.