If you are a Wake Forest student, or in the Winston-Salem area and you want to start eating more vegan foods, this is the restaurant list for you. 

With many delicious vegan substitutes and food options out there, why not try something vegan for your next meal? Below, I have listed some of my favorite vegan restaurants and mouth-watering menu items you must try next time you are in Winston-Salem. These restaurants are great choices for eating out with friends; They serve both vegan and non-vegan dishes and accommodate an array of dietary restrictions. 

1. Mellow Mushroom

Mellow Mushroom is my go-to pizza place when all I really want to eat is a slice of cheesy, saucy deliciousness. In addition to the various appetizers, salads, sandwiches, and burgers on the menu, there is a great selection of vegan entrées, including an almost identical-tasting vegan version of their standard cheesy pizza. Every time think about Mellow Mushroom, I begin to crave their vegan "Veg Out" pizza and Vegan Pretzels. This vegan meal is consistently delicious. 

2. Village Juice & Kitchen

Village Juice and Kitchen offers some of the freshest vegan dishes in the area. Each menu item tastes homemade and their fruity smoothies are perfectly sweet and blended. When you go to this café, you must try their Avo Vegan Toast and Sunset smoothie. Regardless of my suggestions, I doubt there is anything on the menu that would disappoint. 

3. Penny Path Café and Crêpe Shop

Sophia Koman

Just a short walk from Wake Forest's campus you will find a local crêpe and cafe duo. Located in Reynolda Village, Penny Path Café and Crêpe Shop serves a variety of sweet and savory crêpe dishes. The café is very vegan-friendly as any of their crêpes can be made vegan with their vegan batter upon request. When I visited Penny Path, I was craving something sweet and ordered their Apple Crêpe. This delectable treat is a vegan crêpe filled with warm cinnamon-coated apples cooked in coconut oil. I cannot recommend this café enough to my friends and family or anyone looking for a tasty, light vegan dessert.

4. The Basil Leaf Thai & Sushi Restaurant

Sophia Koman

As an undeniable sushi and pad-thai lover, I was impressed by this restaurant's vegan substitutes which allowed me to indulge in some familiar flavors. I went to the restaurant and ordered the Vegetable Pad Thai without egg, and a Veggies roll. I would rate both of these dishes a 10/10, and I can confidently say that I will be back again soon!


Cava is a great restaurant chain if you are looking for a fast, fresh, and most importantly vegan meal. Ordering at Cava is simple as you are given the option of a pita or a bowl, which you can fill with your choice of lettuce, grains, proteins, vegetables, toppings, dressings, and more. When I go to Cava for a plant-based meal, I order a salad with arugula, red pepper hummus, traditional hummus, falafel, fire-roasted corn, tomato and cucumber, Persian cucumbers, and a side of preserved lemon vinaigrette. I know I can always count on Cava for a consistently filling and tasty meal.  

Whether you're a Winston-Salem resident, a student at Wake Forest, or just passing through, all of these restaurants offer tasty vegan options that will leave you saying, "I can't believe it's vegan!"