Presented by Her Campus x Food Network Kitchen

When you’re craving something sweet, we’re all guilty of grabbing the closest box of cereal or a pint of ice cream. But I promise you, it is so much more satisfying to take a little time and make something chef’s kiss-worthy. Lucky for you, Food Network Kitchen is your one-stop-shop for finding cooking inspo, trying recipes or classes, and making your shopping list. So, here are four recipes that will work for any time of the day - whenever that craving hits.

1. Cinnamon Pancakes

In my humble opinion, Claire Thomas has created the absolute best pancake recipe ever. This is ideal for when you and your roomies wake up craving a restaurant-worthy brunch. A few simple ingredients in the batter make all the difference, like the buttermilk. And don’t even get me started on the cinnamon streusel topping (*drool*). Sprinkle this glorious mixture on top of a short stack and you are totally golden! 

2. Gooey Chocolate Chip Cookies

Have you checked out Food Network Kitchen’s new show “Every Day is Saturday,” yet? Hosted by Sarah Copeland, you’ll learn easy recipes, like these super gooey chocolate chip cookies. And the best part is you won’t even need an electric mixer to achieve this baking masterpiece! Download the App here, to view the show and recipe.

3. Valerie's Brownies

Brownies will never be the same after checking out Valerie Bertinelli’s class on the Food Network Kitchen app. Her brownie upgrade tips include everything from a peanut butter swirl to a crunchy, salty pretzel topping. 

4. Chocolate Topped Toffee

Buttery, chocolate-topped toffee is so crunchy and perfect for when a mid-day snack craving hits. We love a nostalgic recipe! With only 7 ingredients, this recipe seems fancy but is actually super easy. (Pro tip: package some of this toffee up and it easily doubles as a gift for all of your besties, since the holiday season is right around the corner!) 

Inspired to learn more sweet tips?! Download the app here to receive your 30-day free trial.