A new burger restaurant has opened up in Iowa City and it's completely different than anything this place has seen before. Zombie Burger + Shake Lab just recently opened at 180 E Burlington Street, right next to the Sheraton hotel downtown Iowa City. Their menu offers an extensive list of burgers, fries, shakes, and more. The best part? Everything is post-apocalyptic themed.

The original Zombie Burger opened in Des Moines, but the restaurant has expanded to four other locations throughout Iowa. Every burger is prepared fresh using their signature "three-cut beef blend" and is named after something zombie related. Think: a breakfast burger named "the dawn of the dead" (pictured below) and "the undead Elvis" which features peanut butter and bananas.

Not a meat-eater? Zombie Burger makes sure you don't miss out on the fun. Each burger can be made with your choice between two different kinds of nut patties as well as a grilled portobello. They also have a completely vegan burger, appropriately named the "negan".

In addition to their unique sandwiches, their menu boasts salads, wings, loaded fries, and other appetizers. They also pride themselves on their gourmet milkshakes, which are available in flavors ranging from peach to coconut cream pie to Captain Crunch Berry.

After my first visit to Zombie Burger, I can confidently say that it definitely lives up to the hype. Their menu is unlike anything that Iowa City has ever seen before and everything I ate was amazing. I could tell that the ingredients were fresh and they truly cared about providing their customers with a killer burger experience (pun intended). Check it out for yourself, let us know what you think, and make sure to take pics and tag @spoon_iowa on Instagram.