We all know that Zingerman’s isn’t just about the sandwich— it’s about the experience. Disclaimer: if you haven’t made it down to Kerrytown for Zingerman’s, stop reading and go. Now.

Sampling everything from their cheeses (shout out to the burrata) to the pastries is to a foodie what beating Ohio State is to Devin Gardner.

By senior year, I’ve sampled my fair share of just about everything they offer. Yet, Zingerman’s never fails to keep the creations coming and, especially with Halloween around the corner, they’ve got us all covered.

Pumpkin Vinaigrette:

Photo by Julie Mirliss

Perfect for dipping any type of bread. Made fresh at Zingerman’s, the subtle pumpkin kick in the vinegar is perfect without being too overwhelming, so even those who aren’t a fan of pumpkin flavor are sure to like it.

Pumpkin Gelato:

Photo by Julie Mirliss

All of Zingermans’ gelato is home made in their creamery and many call it the best ice cream in Ann Arbor. Any fan of pumpkin will be a fan of this seasonal treat.

Photo by Julie Mirliss

Pumpkin Butter:

Photo by Julie Mirliss

Need I say more? Top this on anything from your morning toast to a sweet potato for dinner to spruce up even the simplest of foods.

Pumpkin Pie:

Photo by Julie Mirliss

Just trust me on this one. In stock through fall, make sure to sample, or even indulge like yours truly, on all of the above.

Address: 422 Detroit Street, Ann Arbor, MI
Hours of operation: Monday-Sunday, 7 am-10 pm.