The other night I had a real craving for some good hummus, and my peculiar craving brought me to Zesty’s Mediterranean restaurant in Manayunk. I was soon going to find the answer to the one question on my mind:

Would my Hummus craving be satisfied by some authentic Greek food? There was only one way to find out!


We started this evening's experiment with a signature cocktail from the bar. Pear perfect Prosecco was the winner. Now, I wasn’t looking to get wasted beyond belief, but a few of these would have done the job. The drink was tart, sweet and strong. Exactly how I like my drinks. It had a sweet taste with a hint of pear. Very refreshing.

Melissa Cannarozzo


The time has come, to finally get my hummus! The presentation was A1. The pita chips were warm, a little crisp on the outside, but soft in the middle. And the hummus! Amazing is the only word I can use. It was light and flavorful. The hummus was seasoned with parsley and blended tastefully with the garlic seasoned pita. 

Hummus á la Salonica

Melissa Cannarozzo


Now that I tried a Greek drink and appetizer, it was time to throw some Italian flavors into the mix. I ordered the Cheese & Spinach Ravioli. Being Italian, I am very picky with tomato sauce. But this sauce was far from ordinary. The sauce was delicious! The raviolis were were plump and the ricotta was very fresh. The sauce was light and savory. Tasted very homemade! This Italian was satisfied.

Ravioli Verdi

Melissa Cannarozzo

The Cesar dressing was sweet. The texture felt more like a vinaigrette which is why it was able to mesh well with the dry grilled chicken. Overall it was a salad that was consistent and kept me wanting more and more.

Cesar Salad

Melissa Cannarozzo

Overall, Zesty’s Mediterranean was amazing. If you’re ever looking for some authentic Mediterranean food, look no further. Zesty’s will satisfy your Mediterranean cravings any day. The service was great, as well as the ambiance. I would recommend this restaurant any day.