Purdue may be known for their peanut butter burgers from Triple XXX and 32 oz. soda concoctions from The Den, but there are a lot of hidden gems on campus that sell some pretty delicious desserts. These local favorites have some delicious-tasting Purdue desserts that are sure to satisfy any sweet tooth. 

1. Greyhouse Coffee

Greyhouse may be known for their delicious coffee, but their desserts are pretty irresistible. The dessert crepes listed on their menu (like their cinnamon roll crepe) and the wide variety of desserts lining the display case are completely worth every penny (and calorie).

2. Silver Dipper Ice Cream

Silver Dipper is the place to get some seriously good ice cream that has a local-ice-cream-shop feel. Order a scoop of any of their 42 flavors, or eat them all at once by taking on the Mini Monster challenge, which is one scoop of every flavor on a single plate. Take that for a dessert.

3. Insomnia Cookies

If you're a student at Purdue, you probably already know about Insomnia Cookies. Open until 3 AM, this place is prime for satisfying late-night cravings, and the cookies are always served hot and fresh. The place is known for their classic cookie flavors but they offer ice cream, brownies, and a few other desserts as well.

4. Pappy's Sweet Shop

Opening in 1927, Pappy's has always been a favorite spot for students. Built like an old-fashioned burger joint, this place makes some killer milkshakes, from the classic vanilla and chocolate to their limited-time seasonal flavors. And a plus for Purdue students on a dining plan: they now take meal swipes!

5. Mary Lou Donuts

Looking from the outside, this local doughnut and dessert shop may not look like anything, but the place is sweet-smelling heaven as soon as you step inside. These doughnuts are made fresh daily and are to die for, but make sure to get there early: the shop opens at 5AM and the lines fill up pretty quick.

6. Town & Gown Bistro

This cute local bistro is hard to spot when driving by, but the place is filled with delicious, freshly-made food and serves about anything, from all-day breakfast food to some high-quality desserts. Matt's Cheesecake claims to be the fan favorite, but make sure to stop by multiple days, for desserts vary daily. A good excuse to eat more dessert, right?

Whether you're a student at Purdue or just visiting campus, you can find some hidden treats that are unique to West Lala and absolutely delicious. Make sure to check out any of these no-fail dessert places when craving something sweet at any time of the day, from donuts early in the morning to cookies at midnight.