The Dominican Republic is a dreamy paradise destination that anyone looking to have a beach vacation should definitely consider. Moreover, the island is home to one of the most exclusive beach villas, a community called Casa de Campo located in the province of La Romana. Here, you'll be able to live out your tropical paradise dreams while enjoying some of the freshest food you've ever had. It's proximity to the ocean gives DR easy access to seafood, which they exploit quite well to the advantage of visiting foodies. Also, let's not forget this is a tropical island; that'll make eating your fruits and veggies that much more enjoyable. Here are some of my tips and can't-miss experiences after visiting Casa de Campo. 

Sofia Heras

The best tip, and probably the most obvious, is to take advantage of all the local produce. As I mentioned, the DR is a tropical island, meaning that it's surrounded by our #1 seafood source: the ocean! It also means that its weather allows for seasonal vegetation, with a year-round "freshness guaranteed" label. Pretty much anywhere you go will offer some sort of seafood item on the menu, as well as some salad or vegetable plate that I promise will not be boring. Moreover, you must keep in mind that the DR was once a Spanish colony, so you'll likely see Spanish inspired dishes – such as paella – mixed with classic Latin American dishes, including ceviche and seafood carpaccio. I can assure that you'll never run out of delightful options. 


Once you've made your way to Casa de Campo, don't miss out on Playa Minitas' Beach Club Restaurant. Here, you'll find a variety of menu items that will satisfy any of your cravings: they offer everything from papas bravas and mango gazpacho to fried ceviche and seafood ravioli. The wide variety of options allows for anyone to enjoy a meal there, from gluten-free and vegetarian patrons, with options even for the pickiest eaters.

Sofia Heras

If a sit-down restaurant isn't really your vibe during your beach vacation, Playa Minitas has got you covered. Apart from the beach club's restaurant and bar, it has food trucks, a beachside menu, and even an ice cream shop that you can visit. I must admit that the menus are less extensive, but delicious and satisfying nonetheless. The ice cream shop offers gelato and sorbet, both of which showcase local flavors like passionfruit and pineapple. The food trucks offer great pizza that'll fuel you for your beach activities, as well as chicken and shrimp kabobs.

Sofia Heras

The one food destination you absolutely cannot miss out on is Sophia's Bar and Grill, better known as SBG. The ambiance and atmosphere are unlike anything you've seen before: people stand up and dance on the chairs, and even if that's not your thing, you'll inevitably end up at least swinging your napkin in the air. To top it off, the food comprises one of the nicest meals you'll have on the trip. The appetizers are to die for, with a selection of freshly made sushi and tiraditos, followed by tasty entrées that include miso sea bass and prime steaks. If you're still not convinced, the restaurant is located in Casa de Campo's Marina, so you'll definitely get to dine with a view. 

Needless to say, La Romana's Casa de Campo doesn't disappoint when it comes to food. So, if you're a foodie like me, and are looking into investing in a nice beach vacation, don't let Casa de Campo miss your list.