The thought of a Starbucks never fails to get me moving and out of bed in the morning. If I get up at a reasonable time, I can grab an iced coffee before class and can start my morning right. However, my Starbucks drink order definitely depends on my mood and the time that I went to bed the night before—even though I'm never opposed to a large iced coffee no matter how many hours of sleep I got.

7 PM

Order: Iced Passionfruit tea, Green tea, or Black tea

I'm sorry, but who goes to bed at 7pm. Like, I’m just sitting down for dinner at this point. Hey, maybe you’ve had a really long day and need a long sleep and if you can get to bed at 7, then good for you. Anyways, iced tea would be perfect for you to start your day because you’re likely very well rested, will naturally wake up relatively early, and won’t need much caffeine. Plus, you’ll be able to stay hydrated for the long day ahead of you…esp. because most of us won’t be starting our days for like four more hours.

10 PM

Order: Iced soy chai tea latte

I’d say 10 is a good bedtime to shoot for, and being in college, I would consider 10 to be pretty early. If you wake up at 8 the next morning, you’ll have ten hours of sleep, which is basically unheard of on a college campus. An iced chai tea latte is the best option for you because its tasty and refreshing, and the spicy taste will definitely wake you up. Plus, it has a little bit of caffeine, which never hurts.

12 AM

Order: Skinny soy vanilla latte

Midnight is a pretty realistic bedtime goal for a college kid, and this is my usual bed time. Usually I need a coffee to kickstart my morning and I love getting a skinny vanilla latte with soy from Starbucks or making a cheaper version of it in the dining hall. It's a little sweet and gives me the perfect amount of energy to begin my day.

2 AM

Order: Very berry hibiscus refresher

2am is a decent time to get to bed. Usually I end up going to bed around 2-3 on the weekends and pass out from being so tired. Depending on how you feel the next morning, I think a refresher from Starbucks would be a good order. And make sure you drink tons of water too!!

4 AM

Order: VENTI vanilla sweet cream cold brew

Ok, so hopefully this isn’t a regular thing for you, but if you’re going to bed at four you either just had a really good night or a really terrible night. If it was a good night, you'll probably wake up at 2pm with no alarm. No matter what you’re gonna need to pound the water and caffeine in the morning, though. I would recommend a venti vanilla sweet cream cold brew...this drink will for sure get your system moving and make you feel awake. matter how many hours of sleep you got the night before, coffee (or multiple) never, never fails!