When you are too tired to think about what to order next Saturday morning when you head to the Eatery after a long LONG night out, use this handy source to tell you what you are craving. 

Aries - Fire Burger

sandwich, meatball, bun, cheese
Erin Munro

Being adventurous and daring, Aries are constantly on the lookout for food that is different. The Fire Burger won't fail to excite the tastebuds with loads of spiciness and flavor. 

Taurus - Grilled Cheese

bacon, sandwich, cheese, tomato, bread, grilled cheese sandwich, mozzarella, toast
Jessica Stern

Those who are a Taurus love the feeling of comfort and security. What better sandwich to remind you of home and family then a warm, gooey grilled cheese. Make your next grilled cheese creative by using these recipes. 

Gemini - Breakfast Burrito

Unpredictable Gemini strive to be youthful and lively. With the breakfast burrito, you will get a surprise in every bite. 

Cancer - Salad Bar

carrot, vegetable
Erin Munro

Creative and imaginative, what is a better way to utilize that intuitive mind then to create your own salad. You love choosing exactly what to put in a salad, whether it be chicken, cucumbers, or mandarin oranges. You will never get the same combination twice. When you don't want to make the trek to The Eatery, use these tips for creating a unique salad right in Frank. 

Leo - Mac and Cheese

macaroni, pasta, cheese, sauce, vegetable
Kate Pinchiaroli

What could be any better than delicious, hot mac and cheese for a warmhearted Leo like you? Your already warm heart will become even warmer with every single bite. When you want a change from The Eatery but are still in the mood for some mac and cheese, check out these places that have some of the best mac and cheeses in Hamilton, NY. 

Virgo - Bacon, Egg, and Cheese

What is more practical than getting a bacon, egg, and cheese on a roll when you wake up on a Saturday morning? Nothing. That is why someone as straightforward and intelligent as you will have no problem sticking to the basics. 

Libra - Italian Combo

sandwich, lettuce, beef, bun
Jessica Stern

Sometimes indecisiveness is a good thing. Not having to choose what meat to put on your sandwich calls for an Italian Combo. You can have everything at once!

Scorpio - Mac Daddy

cheese, sandwich, bacon, cheddar
Caroline Anderson

Exciting, determined, and passionate are all terms to describe a Scorpio. Slathering mac and cheese on two greasy slices of bread piled with ham sounds pretty exciting if you ask me. 

Sagittarius - Big Willy

sandwich, bacon, lettuce, tomato, cheese, bread, meat
Julia Benson

Turkey, cheddar, tomato, guac, yum. That is the perfect combo for a dynamic Sagittarius like yourself. Guac on a sandwich is the perfect addition to this already delightful lunch. Love guac? Now you can make it right in your own dorm room! 

Capricorn - BLT

sandwich, turkey, ham, lettuce, cheese, tomato, bacon
Lucy Alderson-Smith

Sticking to the basics is normal for a Capricorn. A BLT, a practical choice, is appealing at any time of day. 

Aquarius - Hippiecrite

Can you say original? Who would have thought to order a veggie burger that also has bacon on it? An highly creative Aquarius would, because it sounds absolutely delicious. 

Pisces - Build Your Own Sandwich

coffee, pizza, sandwich, beer, tea, hamburger
Jessica Stern

Pisces tend to be very creative and imaginative, so what is better than being able to design your very own custom sandwich. As a Pisces girl myself, I can honestly say that this sounds perfect.