I'm originally from Connecticut, so I know a thing or two about pizza (you can read my defense of the best pizza in America in this Spoon article). In coming to Burlington, I was afraid I wasn't going to find pizza that was like the kind I could get in Connecticut. That being said, many pizzerias in Burlington offer vegan cheeses and toppings, but the recommendations I included on this list are some of my friends' favorites offerings. Bon appetite! 

Folino's Pizza (71 South Union St.)

I'm probably a little biased here, considering I worked at Folino's during my time in Burlington. That being said, the pizza here is pretty standard for a thin-crust. The dough (white, whole wheat, and gluten-free) are made in-house and the toppings are not overwhelming for the rest of the pizza. 

Recommendations: The Leeky Chicken (olive oil base, leeks, bacon, buffalo chicken, and a ranch drizzle) or the Detroit (thick crust with a layer of melty cheese on top). 

Pizzeria Verita (156 St. Paul St.) 

Located on St. Paul St., this tiny pizzeria is one of Burlington's true gems. Their crusts are chewy and have great flavors. Verita offers classic Italian pizzas like Margherita, Capricciosa, and Diavola. 

Recommendations: The Classic Margherita! 

American Flatbread (115 St. Paul St.) 

Flatbread has been one of the top contenders in Burlington's Best Pizza almost every year. And what's not to love? I think their pizza is slightly under-salted, but the amount of toppings possible make up for it. Plus, you can do half-and-halfs! 

Recommendations: The Power to the People (chicken, buffalo sauce, red onion, carrots, and blue cheese) or the Revolution (tomato sauce, caramelized onions, mushrooms, and cheese)

Pizzeria Ida (662 Riverside Ave) 

It's easily one of Burlington's most illusive pizza places, but still worthy of its spot on our map. It's tucked into the Old North End and is barely visible from the road. But what's going on inside Ida's is truly magical. They're known for their iconic square pies! 

Recommendations: The menu is short and sweet, so it's best to call and ask what they're serving before you make the trip. I would recommend their cheese square pie! 

Mr. Mike's Pizza (206 Main St.) 

Are you drunk off your ass and craving a huge slice of pizza? If so, Mr. Mike's is your spot. They do both slices and whole pizzas. 

Recommendations: Buffalo Chicken Pizza (the ULTIMATE bro pizza) or Old School Pepperoni 

La Boca Pizzeria (1127 North Ave.)

If you've never been to the New North End, you might not of heard of La Boca. Besides pizza, La Boca also serves up marsala, picatta, and meatball subs. 

Recommendations: Tensers Floating Disc (vegan red pepper cheddar, kalamata olive, broccoli, roasted red pepper, green pepper, marinara) or the Loaded Potato (potatoes, slab bacon, mozzarella, smoked cheddar, chives, roasted garlic base, sour cream drizzle). 

Manhattan's ("Hattie's") Pizza and Pub (156 Main St.) 

Did you know that Hattie's sells pizza? I sure didn't. They also serve up some great apps (tater tots included) and local brews. 

Pizza 44 (703 Pine St.) 

Pizza 44 is serving up hot specialty pies and cast iron skillet pies in the South End. Their lunch menu features a few standard 8" personal pies while their dinner menu has more exhaustive options with gluten-free options.

Recommendations: Doug's Marvelous Maple (cheddar, mozzarella, bacon, apple arugula, and maple syrup) or Brussels (garlic, mozzarella, crispy brussel sprouts, bacon, and red onion.