I had the absolute pleasure of exploring Savannah's latest and greatest eateries with my dear friend, who calls this adorable city home. Check out a few of our stellar picks that we came across while on our food tour. Here's my guide to the best food in Savannah. Reservations for all please.


Henny Penny Art Space & Cafe

Taking you back to your childhood with its whimsical flair, Henny Penny offers specialty coffee drinks and a great selection of delicious house made pastries. What's unique about Henny Penny is their space, which includes a kid-friendly area for you to let your imagination roam free. My go-to is their Horchata latte with oat milk, a delicious brew with Mexican sweetened milk and a double shot of espresso. Craving something savory? Give their kolaches a try—I highly recommend the bacon and cheddar. 

Foxy Loxy Cafe

Let me give you the low down. Essentially, Foxy Loxy takes all the best parts of a weekend and rolls it all into one: equal parts caffeine-satiating coffee shop, sweet tooth satisfying bakery, and eccentric Tex Mex cantina. Whether you're in the mood to chow down on chorizo tacos or sip on a decadent café con leche, Foxy Loxy hits the spot.

Cafe M

This humble slice of Parisian heaven combines the classic coffee and croissants duo with Savannah's Southern charm. Offering delectable sandwiches and an assortment of French pastries, Cafe M transports you to the quaint and quiet streets of Paris.

The Collins Quarter

Truly the best of both worlds, The Collins Quarter is an intersection of Aussie coffee shop and bottomless booze and brunch. Toast a flute of champagne to a day with your best friends and devour a scrumptious avocado smash in this vibrant token of Australia. Besides their acclaimed rosé, this restaurant sets the standard of globally-refined cuisine, offering dishes such as brioche french toast topped with slow-cooked pulled pork, poached eggs with pancetta, and an unbelievably flavorful harissa lamb burger.

Fox & Fig Cafe

Calling all vegans! This one's for you. Fox & Fig is Savannah's very own vegan cafe, serving up creative plant-based dishes all locally sourced and grown. Innovative dishes such as smoked chia pudding, eggless quiche, cashew cheese garlic bread, and banh mi just to name a few. Definitely stop by Fox & Fig to get your vegan fix.


Soho South Cafe

It's a Savannah staple. Soho South Cafe, located in the hub of historic downtown Savannah, takes inspiration from the charming New York City neighborhood surrounded by trendy shops and iconic eateries. Embodying contemporary American flair, Soho South serves flavorful quiches, signature sandwiches, and a stunning selection of sweets such as key lime pie, peach cobbler cheesecake, and a black forest chocolate torte. A winner in my book.

The Public Kitchen & Bar

The Public Kitchen & Bar is farm-to-table meets elevated casual dining. This eclectic American eatery features a menu of trendy cocktails and unique dishes such as speciality salads, elevated shrimp and grits, a stunning wagyu burger, and a rich corn and roasted red pepper risotto. Enjoy the best locally-sourced ingredients while situated in a modern, mid-century dining room. Save me a seat.

Mrs. Wilkes Dining Room

Here's the deal: Mrs. Wilkes doesn't take reservations, seats you with strangers, and serves all-you-can-eat family style. Talk about a Southern speciality. This restaurant boasts all the great qualities of homegrown traditional Southern comfort. They serve an unlimited supply of meats such as fried chicken, meatloaf, sausage, beef stew as well as plates of endless sides: macaroni and cheese, butter beans, mashed potatoes, candied yams, and rice and gravy. You really cannot go wrong. There is usually a timely wait, so get there early and prepare your appetite for nonstop soul food.


The Vault

Asian fusion served in an industrially-chic bank turned restaurant. For over 50 years, this building served Savannahians as a familiar landmark and local institution. After the bank closed in 2013, The Vault was born, repurposing this well-known entity. With a distinct sushi menu, The Vault also features a multitude of fusion dishes such as chicken lettuce wraps, seared shumai, edamame dumplings, and tumeric chicken. A hidden gem in Savannah for sure.

The Grey

The Grey features a melting pot of items handpicked to satisfy cravings of Port Southern cuisine. Executive Chef and Partner Mashama Bailey was born and raised in New York and has cooked in kitchens all over the world. From cooking with her grandmothers to studying under culinary visionaries in France, Mashama's experience in and out of a traditional kitchen is reflected in The Grey's globally palatable selection of dishes. The Grey features an array of decadent dishes that represent cultures worldwide while still keeping its flavors rooted in Southern soul. Some of The Grey's most acclaimed dishes include their tuna crudo, field pea ragu, and foie and grits. A 10/10 experience.

The Olde Pink House

We cannot talk about Savannah without mentioning the iconic Olde Pink House—literally. This restaurant is one of the most popular eateries in Savannah for a reason. Boasting authentic Savannah charm, dining here is truly an experience. Flavorful and remnant of Savannah's roots, the menu checks off all the boxes of Savannah soul, featuring shrimp and cheese grits cake, chicken pot pie, and caramelized onion and sweet potato ravioli. 

Treat yo'self

Leopold's Ice Cream

For a scoop of Savannah's history, head to Leopold's. Treat yourself to high quality, rich, and premium ice cream at the spot that Savannahians hold near and dear to their heart. Choose one of the classics—chocolate can never do you wrong—or opt for one of their signature flavors like Tutti Frutti and Butter Pecan. Seriously a must try!

Lulu's Chocolate Bar

Craving a slice of cheesecake? Did someone say fondue for two? In the mood to sip and savor a chocolate martini (aka the Lulutini)? Lulu's Chocolate Bar has all of the above. Indulge in a dessert for two and live life with no regrets. I'll take one of everything please.

Chocolat by Adam Turoni

Imagine a dining room dedicated to tasting the finest chocolate delicacies. That pretty much sums up Chocolat by Adam Turoni. Known as Savannah's go-to for speciality truffles and refined chocolate treats, Chocolat includes a dining room spread of the most indulgent treats ever (I'm talking golden bailey truffles and gold leafed lion head almond bark medallions.) Guests are encouraged to grab a silver tray, explore the china cabinets of sweets, and discover the plethora of truffles galore.

River Street Sweets

A Savannah food tour isn't complete without a stop at River Street Sweets. Infamous for their pecan pralines and chocolate bear claws, River Street Sweets boasts some of Savannah's finest treats. River Street Sweets embodies that distinct nostalgia familiar to those born and raised in the city. Watching candy makers dip pralines onto giant marble slabs and glaze pecans in giant copper kettles are just two aspects that make River Street such a memorable experience for locals and visitors alike.

From shrimp and grits to horchata lattes, Savannah truly has it all. So, the next time you and your friends consider another foodie locale, definitely make sure Savannah tops your list.