Before the craziness of school moving online and having to go back home to NYC, I was able to go to Orlando for spring break with my boyfriend Noah. On the trip we went to Universal and Epcot, both of which are closed now :( While we were at Epcot we decided to have some fun at the World Showcase. We made it our mission to eat something at every country.

Rules: we had to pick a snack (no real meals) that we could share.

As an excuse to reminisce on a time when I was able to leave my house, here is my ranking of the countries at Epcot's World Showcase based on the food I ate there.

#11. United Kingdom 

The only food they had was fish and chips. Where were the snacks??! Plus, I don't eat fish :/

#10. United States

We also didn't eat anything at the US, although this was just because it is located at the halfway point of the countries, and by that point we were already so full and tired. And the food they had was barbecue and funnel cakes, neither of which I felt like eating on a day when I was walking around everywhere. Plus, I'm an American who goes to college in the South--I know what barbecue tastes like. 

#9. Japan 

Nicolette Cure

I also did not eat here...(sorry). They mostly had sushi, which I don't eat (don't get mad), and ramen, which I thought would be too filling and hot to eat on a hot day. Noah, however, loved his miso soup. 

#8. Norway

Nicolette Cure

I DID eat in Norway (and in every country that follows). Norway is not particularly known for its food, so I didn't know what to expect. The café they had was full of interesting baked goods like school bread (a kind of roll with vanilla custard in the center), and cream horns, which is what we got. It was tasty but very sugary and very filling--I couldn't eat more than a few bites. It sure looks pretty though.

#7. Germany

Nicolette Cure

There wasn't much to eat in Germany besides frankfurters and soft pretzels, which seemed like the boring choice to us. So we picked up an apple strudel, which was full of tasty apples but had an overly sweet, liquid ice cream filling. 

#6. Canada

Nicolette Cure

I was impressed with Canada. While it may not look like much, this was maple-flavored popcorn and it was DELICIOUS. It was a light snack that I kept wanting to eat. 

#5. Mexico 

Nicolette Cure

Mexico was the first country we hit, and since it was around lunchtime we decided to get something more than just a snack. We got three tacos (chicken, carne asada, and fish) with rice and beans, and of course a Jarritos to go with it. It was pretty good--the chicken taco was my favorite, but the rice was a little bland. Of course, the Jarritos was the best part of the meal. 

#4. Italy

Nicolette Cure

I love a good gelato. Noah likes chocolate and I always swear by vanilla, so we settled on chocolate chip. Gelato was the thing we desperately needed after walking around for so long in the heat, and it tasted oh-so-good. Plus, the Italy pavilion has pizza, so what more could you want?

#3. China 

Nicolette Cure

We were just looking for a light snack when we got to China, and we ended up choosing these pork egg rolls. I didn't think I was that hungry after all the food I had already eaten in Mexico and Norway, but I quickly ate my whole egg roll--it was that good. It was nice and crunchy, and with some of the duck sauce they had it was close to perfect. 

#2. Morocco

Nicolette Cure

Morocco was surprisingly amazing. Like Norway, I did not know what to expect from Moroccan food, so we got the food item that was recognizable to both of us: a chicken kebab (with a side of couscous salad). I don't know what sauce they put on the chicken, but whatever it was, wow - it was amazing. I think the fact that we had low expectations for it made it that much better too. Morocco is definitely a spot you shouldn't miss in the World Showcase.

#1. France 

Nicolette Cure

How could France not be at the top of my list? It was the country I was the most excited to go to (and it did not disappoint with a Beauty and the Beast sing-along). We got a butter and sugar crepe, and we were able to watch them make it--which is always fun to see. This may be a simple combo, but it tasted heavenly. The crepe was nice and light and the sugar wasn't overpowering. The food in France was so good that we even came back there later at night before we left to pick up a ham and cheese croissant (highly highly recommended).

Epcot, and everything else, may be closed right now, but there will be a time when the quarantine ends, we can be in crowds again, and Disney will reopen. As of right now however, why not plan your next trip to Epcot - or at least imagine you're there by looking at some pictures of its food!