After going vegan in the summer before my second year, I was somewhat concerned that I would struggle to find somewhere to eat out once I had returned to St Andrews. Upon my return in September, I found that was not the case — for a small town on the east coast of Scotland, St Andrews sure is blessed with a lot of plant-based options. Whether you're looking for breakfast or just a quick snack, here are some ideas to guide you on eating vegan in St Andrews.

The Vic

The Vic may be a popular student destination on a Thursday night, but it wasn't until my second year that I even realized that this club serves food. Start your day well by ordering the Fool Vegan breakfast. This dish is served until noon (or 3pm on Sundays) and it comes complete with vegan sausages, potato hash and a sweet potato cake — enough to cure even the worst hangovers.

Rocca Italian Deli

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David Buckley

Rocca Deli is a firm favourite with many students, and for good reason. You can easily make your gourmet sandwich vegan by filling it with the numerous veggies on offer, including sun-blushed tomatoes, olive tapenade, artichokes, and avocado. Mix it up with a wrap or salad box, and your vegan lunches are sorted for the week.

#SpoonTip: Rocca's own pesto is vegan, so add that to your sandwich for some extra flavour.


St. Andrews' newest addition, CombiniCo, has some great vegan Japanese and Korean options at reasonable prices. Take a break from the library to appreciate their minimalist decor, and enjoy a sweet potato sushi roll or rice bowl. All of their sauces are vegan too, making this a great option for fresh, healthy vegan food. Wanna know more? Check out this review written by a fellow St Andrews contributor.


My friends and I would often visit Gorgeous Cafe in first year, when we decided that yet another hall lunch with three types of potatoes just wasn't going to cut it. I was happy to find that Gorgeous offers numerous vegan options. One of the baristas assures me that their food is all made fresh to order and so their sandwiches, wraps, jacket potatoes and salads can all be made vegan. They have a good choice of vegan fillings — I recommend roasted vegetables and hummus.

#SpoonTip: On a chilly day, opt to pair your sandwich with their vegan lentil soup.

The Rule

The Rule is a location that many students frequent for a Wednesday night out, but it also has a killer menu that was revitalized last semester. It now offers several plant-based options, including vegan tapas, a vegan chilli, a baba ganoush, and sweet potato pizza. A number of their sides, including the chips, sweet potato fries, seasonal vegetables, and beer-battered onion rings, are also vegan.

St. Andrews Brewing Co.

Eleanor Hawke

Alongside their extensive selection of beers, ciders, wines and spirits, the St. Andrews Brewing Co. offers some delicious vegan food, including vegan nachos and a section of Buddha bowls. You can also grab this chickpea masala bowl, which comes with black quinoa and coconut yoghurt.


A top choice for when family is visiting — and my parents' favourite restaurant — Forgan's is surprisingly vegan-friendly. You can find a roasted butternut squash wellington, and a quinoa, pomegranate and roasted squash salad on the menu. I am always grateful for restaurants that make it easy to find vegan options, and Forgan's has recently added a (VG) symbol to their menu. Good work, Forgan's.


The perception that vegans only eat salad is easily disproved by BURGER. Located on South Street, this restaurant offers a vegan burger made with organic tempeh, and served with a chipotle relish. I personally like to complete my meal with their plain fries, but their sweet potato fries and onion rings are also vegan.

The Cottage Kitchen

Eleanor Hawke

A popular option for birthday dinners, The Cottage Kitchen has a great selection of vegan dishes for private functions, including dukkah roast aubergine and a pumpkin curry. I have found that they are always happy to make alterations, and it is also possible to order whole vegan cakes for an extra special occasion.

#SpoonTip: For a tea-time treat, Cottage Kitchen offers a daily vegan cake option.

The Old Course Hotel

If you want to indulge on your birthday, or when the deadlines hit and you need a pick-me-up, I would recommend afternoon tea at The Old Course Hotel. Simply tell them when booking that you require a vegan option. The tea comes with vegan scones, and it's a personal favourite of mine.

The Fairmont Hotel

Eleanor Hawke

Take a short taxi ride out of St. Andrews to The Fairmont Hotel, which offers a vegan afternoon tea upon request. The photo is from a visit for a friend's birthday and the staff were more than happy to accommodate for vegans. Just make sure to call ahead.

Luckily for us vegans, this list is in no way comprehensive. Many other restaurants and cafes offer some great vegan food, and I haven't even mentioned any of the chain restaurants (Zizzi even has a separate vegan menu). So, whether you're vegan or not, be sure to try some of this delicious plant-based food.

If you are avoiding certain ingredients due to an allergy or intolerance, always be sure to check with your server before ordering.