Brunching is my number one hobby, and I have gotten pretty good at it. The Northern Quarter is home to some of the best cafes and restaurants for brunch I've been to—ever. The quarter's quirky streets are full of hipster coffee shops and quaint breakfast joints, and I have unashamedly brunched at all of them. Tried and tested, here is a guide on where, when, and how to have the best Northern Quarter brunch experience.

1. Evelyn's Cafe Bar

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Rebecca Simonov

With its dense greenery and miss-matched furniture, Evelyn's is one of the most charming spots in Manchester. I am a sucker for great eggs and good vibes, and Evelyn provides just that.

What to eat: The shakshuka at Evelyn's is a winner. Shakshuka has become the new eggs benny, only cooler. 

When to try: Try it on a lazy Sunday afternoon after the buzz has died down —  they serve brunch till 3 pm. Who wakes up till 12 on Sundays anyway?

2. Pen and Pencil

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Luna Zhang

New on the block, Pen and Pencil serves hearty breakfast food all day long.

What to eat: Eggs Pen and Pencil — an eggs benny with a whole lot of pancetta, sausage and bacon on top. You might have to turn vegetarian afterwards, but it is worth it at only £9.

When to try: Pen and Pencil do 50% off on all food on Mondays, when you book through their site. Brunch is served all day long! What a great way to start your week.

3. Takk

Pretzel, cookie, biscuit, nut and snack HD photo by Mira Bozhko (@miroslava) on Unsplash

miroslava on unsplash

Icelandic Takk is a space to dine, mingle and work, Scandi style. The earthy hues and relaxed vibe bring me back all the time.

What to eat: Everything. It's all great, trust me. Always look out for their fresh breads and pastries- who doesn't love Swedish cakes?

When to try: The menu changes frequently and differs from weekdays to weekends- all the more excuse to visit more than once! 

4. Alabama's All American Eatery

Breakfast, food, pancake, table and plate HD photo by Gabriel Gurrola (@gabrielgurrola) on Unsplash

gabrielgurrola on unsplash

Serving soul food all day, Alabama's is the ultimate hangover cure. If you want fries for breakfast and a shake to wash it down, diner-style, this is the place to be.

What to eat: Pancakes. They come with a range of killer toppings that you can't resist (my favourite are the banoffee pancakes- 5 stack of course).

When to try: They become very busy on weekends and only take bookings Monday to Friday, so try to come on a weekday. 

5. Federal Cafe

Salmon Bagel photo by Oscar Nord (@furbee) on Unsplash

furbee on unsplash

I've saved my favourite to last. Aussie-inspired Federal won my heart when I tucked into their berry French toast last summer. Since then, their menu has evolved, and has brought a fresh take on brunch to Manchester. 

What to eat: The breakfast bagel. You can have it vegetarian or add bacon, it's your choice. Bagels are boujie sandwiches for hipsters, and we all need them in our lives.

When to try: They serve brunch all day, so eat to your hearts content!

There it is! My five favorite places in the Northern Quarter for brunch. It wasn't an easy list to make considering the choice we have, but it is a good start. You will definitely thank me later. Tuck in.