We are finally finished with spring semester and nothing is more relieving than not having homework or finals to worry about. And now that we are home for the summer, what better way to occupy some of that extra time than to visit a local farmers market? Farmers markets are a fun destination, especially this time of year, and are filled with an amazing variety of fresh and homemade food products, flowers, games, and even art.

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Kelsie Travers

First and most obvious, the farmers market is loaded with food. Vendors sell many different items like fresh fruits and veggies, homemade bread, cakes, pies, cookies, and they even sell dog treats. The farmers market I go to is the Kansas City River Market and they have all of these treats and more. There are rows of unique spices, different flavors of tea, and an endless amount of free samples (um, who doesn't love free samples?). 

A huge bonus to visiting a farmers market is that it helps your local community. Buying products from the market helps benefit small, local business owners. The food from these markets are grown and picked fresh and close to home, so you know that what you are purchasing will taste much fresher than some of the items at a supermarket. And, if you're interested in growing your own fruits or vegetables, or even making some homemade treats, the farmers and vendors will usually share some tips and tricks with you.

Abbi Brown

Specifically, at the Kansas City River Market, the food in the areas around the market are just as amazing as the food inside. The photo above is an eggs Benedict dish, which was taken (and devoured) at one of the nearby restaurants. There are tons of food trucks and impressive restaurants. Whether you're craving a hot dog and some kettle corn, or want to sit down at a cute farm-to-fork style restaurant, there is something to suit everyone's taste. 

The most noteworthy reason to visit your city's farmers market, however, is simply for the atmosphere. From the array of flowers, to the live music, to the games and artwork — a market's vibe is so cool and unique. Nevertheless, the market is a great place to go with your family, a date or with a group of friends.

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Carly Gulasarian

So, to all of my foodie friends out there, I would highly recommend visiting your local market. Now that you don't have to stress over exams, use that time to become more involved and support your community. And not to mention, there are tons of Insta-worthy photos that can be taken at a farmers market, too.