Do foods such as dumplings, gyoza, or empanadas particularly catch your attention? Well, momos are essentially the Nepali version of these delicious dough covered packages. That being said, there truly is no better place in town to try them than at Zuzu Momos, located in Everett, MA. 


Street Style Samosa

Dia Mahesh

What better way to kick start our DELICIOUS feast than two fried pastries filled with savory spiced potatoes, onions, peas and cheese (with a side of tamarind and cilantro based sauce)? From the pastry to the filling to the perfect complementary side sauces, these samosas were absolutely scrumptious. 


Georgia Thomas

Can you ever really go wrong with calamari? The answer is no! This classic appetizer served for splitting among friends can also be enjoyed at Zuzu Momos, until every last piece on the plate is gone. 

Garlic Naan 

Dia Mahesh

Give up carbs? Over my BREAD body. Naan (especially garlic) is one of the main reasons why I need bread in my life. This garlic naan was super warm, soft and flavorful, whether you choose to eat it on its own or dip it in the delicious butter chicken curry. 

Zuzu's Fried Wings 

Chicken Lollipop

Georgia Thomas

Now this is my kind of lollipop. This dish is the perfect appetizer to split among a group of friends, especially because the chicken was so crispy and flavorful! If only every day were Wednesday Wing Specials so we could have an excuse to enjoy these delicious chicken winglets once again! 

Zuzu's Curry Dishes

Butter Chicken Curry 

Dia Mahesh

The perfect heart-warming comfort food on a cold day. This dish consists of marinated grilled chicken breast cooked in cashew based creamy sauce with onion and tomato sauce.  That's what I call sweet and spicy flavors perfectly infused into one single dish! 


Deep Fried Momos

Dia Mahesh

These deep fried momos will provide you with enjoyable crispy dough that holds a flavorful filling. You can choose between chicken, pork and vegetables for your filling, but regardless of your choice, your momo experience here will certainly be a very memorable one! 

Momo Tikka Masala 

Dia Mahesh
Dia Mahesh

As we simply couldn't choose one serving of momos, we decided on two of our favorite things combined in one: Chicken Tikka Masala and Momos. These momos were served in a  cashew-based creamy sauce with onion and tomato sauce, providing the perfect blend of flavors for the momos. 

Zuzu's Special Biryani

Khasi Biryani (Goat Meat) 

Georgia Thomas

This basmati rice is ever so perfectly flavored, and is cooked in with mixed vegetables. Goat meat was also something completely new to me, but it certainly did not disappoint in this dish! 


Lycheetini & ZuZu Mojito 

Dia Mahesh

LycheetiniVodka, lychee syrup, Dash of lime juice, garnish with lychee

Zuzu MojitoBlack Berries, Mint Leaves, Simple Syrup, Bacardi Rum, Soda

These delicious fruity drinks were the perfect companion to our food. They were super refreshing and got us super excited to try the rest of the drinks!  From the first sip to the last bite, absolutely nothing at Zuzu's disappointed us, and we cannot wait to be back for MO! Follow @zuzumomos on Instagram to check out more of their mouthwatering dishes.