With locations in Brookline and Jamaica Plain, When Pigs Fly  is a must stop location for any Boston college student. Their delicious and inventive loaves are all natural with no added fats or preservatives, making any sandwich ten thousand times more delicious and decadent without being too unhealthy. 

Based in southern Maine, When Pigs Fly has been selling their loaves since 1993. I've been going to When Pigs Fly for as long as I can remember. My beach house is a short drive from their flagship store in Kittery, Maine and I have memories of begging my parents to take my sister and I there so we could taste test all of their cool recipes. 

Jackie O'Brien

When you walk into When Pigs Fly, you're greeted by loaves upon loaves of all sorts of cool flavors. Bread isn't the only thing you can buy at these shops, however. Full loaves, pretzels, pizza dough, cookies, jams, and oils are only a small sample of all of the things that you can pick up at When Pigs Fly, with almost all of the products coming from companies based in Maine. 

If you want to try out When Pigs Fly, here are my top 5 loaves that you have to try out.

1. Chocolate Bread

Jackie O'Brien

This was my absolute favorite bread from When Pigs Fly when I was younger. It was the first time I'd ever seen a bread that tasted exactly like a brownie, with a rich flavor and big chocolate chips distributed throughout.

The When Pigs Fly website recommends eating this bread with peanut butter, but to be honest just eating slices of this bread plain is heaven for any chocoholic. 

2. Sourdough

Jackie O'Brien

You've probably seen this loaf in the grocery store, and for good reason. As When Pigs Fly's most popular bread, this perfect sourdough proves that When Pigs Fly has mastered both original and experimental breads with impeccable craftsmanship.

I usually use the sourdough for sandwiches or to dip into olive oil and balsamic, but it's versatility can make it the perfect fill in for whatever you need bread for.

3. Red Pepper Hummus with Sesame Seeds & Garlic

Jackie O'Brien

I just tried this one over the summer and it might be my new favorite. Packed with flavor, this loaf gives great Mediterranean flavors without being too overpowering. 

My favorite way to eat this bread was to either dip it into olive oil and balsamic or to eat it with a spreadable nut cheese, but I bet you could make a kickass sandwich with this incredibly flavorful loaf. 

4. Pumpkin Cranberry & Apple

Jackie O'Brien

Sadly only a seasonal loaf, this hearty and dense bread is packed with fall flavors. Filled with cranberries, pumpkin, apples, and pumpkin seeds, it's perfect to bring home for Thanksgiving or just to get you into the autumnal mood. 

This loaf is perfect for toast in the morning. Since it's filled with such hearty ingredients, it keeps you full way past the morning. I liked putting some almond butter on top of mine to make the perfect filling breakfast. 

5. Low-Carb Whole Wheat

Jackie O'Brien

At only six carbs per serving, this loaf is perfect for those who are trying to eat low carb in college. It's also "chock full of flax seeds," which means you'll be able to stay full and get some omega 3's while staying healthy. 

Since this loaf is such a simple and classic bread, you can use it for almost any recipe. The best part about this bread is that it's one of the cheapest loaves that When Pigs Fly offers at five dollars. 

Jackie O'Brien

These are only a couple of When Pigs Fly's incredible bread options. Some honorable mentions include the Sun-Dried Tomato w/Fresh Basil Oil, Apple Cinnamon, and Oat & Honey.  

Although they're pricier than your usual loaf of bread, When Pigs Fly offers a 10% discount for college students, making they're tasty breads even more appealing.