When going in to one of their stores or even browsing their website, the first thing you might notice is the incredible variety of flavors and colors. There is really something for everyone, ranging from the more classic vanilla to a more original red velvet flavoured macaron. I cannot highlight enough how perfectly textured these macarons are - crunchy outer shell that breaks open to let you bite in to a soft and chewy centre and a sweet creaming filling. Usually, macarons have an air gap between the outer and inner part of the shell that is too big, but in these macarons, the gap provides just enough space for the outer layer to crunch without making it crumble to pieces. They fulfil all the criteria of what you want in a good macaron. But now that you’ve been convinced to try them, let me provide my thoughts on a few of their flavors: 

Loanne Merlin

1. Vanilla

The most classic macaron with its cream colored shell and filling. The rich and thick cream provided the perfect balance with the light and crunchy shell. My macaron had just come out of the fridge when I ate it and it still had that slight chewiness and thickness from being cold that I found jaw droopingly delicious. 

2. Peanut Butter & Jelly

This was very surprising for me especially because I grew up never eating peanut butter combined with jelly. But I can assure you that this was one of my favorites. I’m usually more of a classic chocolate/vanilla person but this mix of the creamy peanut butter and sweet jelly all in a crunchy macaron shell was just perfection. Unlike a whole sandwich that is likely to get overpoweringly sweet, this bite sized snack that throws you back into childhood is really a must try.  

3. Raspberry

Another classic, but in the fruit category this time. With a different kind of filling that resembles more something like jam, this macaron was just as amazing and more on the sweet side for those who want that extra pinch of sugar.

4. Salted Caramel

When you are eating a caramel, the best surprise is when the caramel is chewy. Well Woops! managed to translate that into a macaron with a cream filling that is soft and creamy and at the same time thick and perfectly chewy . The first hint of salt that is followed by a round, caramel taste that remains in your mouth makes you go for another bite without even hesitating.

5. Honey Lavender and Rose

Both this floral flavours were very enjoyable macarons even though I have to admit I did not recognise the flavors while eating them.

6. Pistachio

Typically, pistachio is the flavor we all forget to consider when given a choice of flavors because nobody is quite sure how it will taste. Well let me tell you that without even being told it was a pistachio flavoured macaron, I immediately recognized and loved it. If you usually like vanilla flavoured things like I do, don’t hesitate to be more adventurous and try pistachio for a ‘vanilla with a nutty twist’ experience. 

7. Coconut

For this flavor I made use of the second half of my heritage - my Vietnamese half. Growing up in Vietnam and eating lots of coconut and I can assure you I know the distinction between real and artificially flavoured coconut. The two are incomparably different with real coconut always being better. Well I can confirm that this macaron was made with real, delicious coconut. There were even some coconut shavings that added an extra crunch and flavour. 

8. Cotton Candy

One of the more original flavors that I did not immediately recognize from the first bite. To me, this tasted very much like vanilla but with a little bubble gum like after-taste to it. Although the texture and everything was just as perfect, I have to admit this was not one of my favorites. 

9. Red Velvet

This was another one of the more original flavours and I was positively surprised when, at my first bite, I really felt like I was biting into a cake or a cupcake. The replication of the buttery red velvet flavour was done with perfection. If you want to be safe but still try one of the non-classic flavours, try this one.

10. Chocolate

Another classic and also one of my favorites. The macaron had a rich flavor that wasn’t too overly sweet and had a perfect balance with the choice of a chocolate that was more of a dark chocolate. 

After trying all these different flavors, I determined what my top three must tries are: chocolate, vanilla and peanut butter & jelly. I have to admit that overall I remain quite a classic macaron flavor kind of person. However, the peanut butter and jelly took me by surprise and even made me want to try a true peanut butter and jelly sandwich. But whether you are like me or prefer something more original and different, these macarons are the best I’ve had in NYC so far so don’t hesitate to order yourself a box or head over to one of their cute shops and try a few.