Voted as "one of the best towns in which to live in Canada", Wolfville, Nova Scotia, has definitely earned the title for many reasons. One of the most important reason being for their food. Below are some of the best spots to hit up in the town. 

Paddy's Brewpub & Rosie's Restaurant

This Irish-themed eatery is comparable to a reverse mullet: party in the front, business in the back. The pub section is located in the front of the building, with the family restaurant in the back. The food is traditional pub food which always pleases. A plus is the local beer which is made in house and can be bought in growlers.

#SpoonTip: Go on Mondays for their open mic to hear local singers and to have an excuse to drink from their giant beer giraffes that can hold 2-5 litres.

The Naked Crepe Bistro Inc.

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Lindsay Knapp

This is a personal favourite for when I make trips home. There they serve sweet, savoury and breakfast crepes, and also make homemade pizzas. They recently started also serving beer and wine so now you can feel extra-French with your wine and crepes.

#SpoonTip: This is a super cute restaurant and the crepes are huge so they are perfect for sharing on date night.

Troy Restaurant

Troy is a fairly new edition to the town of Wolfville. Its Mediterranean food is a great cultural addition to the normal pub food scene. Even better, it has also been known to turn into "Troy After Dark" on Friday nights with fun themes. 

Joe's Food Emporium

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Lindsay Knapp

The name basically speaks for itself. This pub-style restaurant is home to the Valley-famous Scott Skins. These are basically potato skins with a bunch of yum piled on top. This is usually a busier place after midnight because it stays open until 2 am, an hour later than most places here.

Just Us! Wolfville Coffee House

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Lindsay Knapp

Every little town has a popular coffee shop, and Just Us! on Main Street is Wolfville's. It has yummy baked treats to snack on if you get hungry and tons of cozy coffee shop study areas for all of you studious Acadia students.

#SpoonTip: Just Us! is famous for their organic and fair trade coffee, the company actually has their main coffee roastery down the road in Grande Pré.

Pronto Pizza

This pizzeria is a popular spot in Wolfville amongst the Acadia students, especially after a trip to The Anvil Beverage Room, the local 'watering hole'. Everyone knows you should never end a night out without having a slice or two.

So tell me, why are you still reading this when you could be eating at one of these eateries right now?