Every year we all come back to school hoping that this year will be different. That after a long summer away from Syracuse, DJ’s, Harry’s and Lucy’s will offer a semester of promising nights out, but that is never the case. As the weeks start to pass all the bars that once were exciting now seem to be boring. Enter Wolff’s Biergarten

Located in the Armory Square neighborhood, this authentic German Biergarten is a welcome alternative to everyone’s classic Marshall St. haunts.

Wolff’s Biergarten is the perfect spot for any beer lover. Behind the bar, customers will find an endless list of beers to choose from. It can be hard to pick just one to fill up your pint. Not into traditional beer? They might have a flavor that you didn’t even know existed (their passion fruit beer is a must try), as well as cider, wine and hard alcohol.

If their beer selection wasn’t enough of a draw already, the warm atmosphere is sure to pull you in. With twinkly lights lining the entire building and picnic tables filling the room you can’t help but feel like you are hanging out in a friend’s backyard

While Wolff’s Biergarten is great for any casual night out, you can also check out their EPIC soccer viewing events, or try to make it for one of their trivia nights. You can’t let your four years at Syracuse go by without stopping by.