One of my favorite family traditions has always been our “rotisserie-chicken Sunday lunch.” Every week, we all get together for a delicious meal with a chicken from the farmer’s market. In fact, I’d never even tasted real fried chicken before moving to the United States from France. Not surprisingly then, when Wishbone opened near 40th and Walnut, I felt the need to go try it. My curiosity and friend’s ecstatic reviews pushed me to walk through their door, hoping to discover new flavors. Now let me tell you straight, it was the first time but definitely not the last.

Put short, this “craft fried chicken” place is simply amazing! The interior is beautiful, the service is  friendly and helpful and the chicken is the perfect combination of crunchy and tender. Living by the principles of “go big or go home”, I decided to try it all: Classic White (boneless tenders) and Dark (drumsticks or boneless thighs) as well as their special Thai Coconut Curry and Basil flavor. The buttermilk batter and signature pretzel crust of the ‘Classic’ pieces was perfectly crisp and tasty. The meat was moist and tender all the way through, making me look forward to every single bite. The coconut in the ‘Special’ crust made for an original blend of flavors, and a great addition to my order.


Photo by Abigail Graham

When it was time to “Get Saucy” – as they say – I went for the homemade “Modern BBQ” and “Green Goddess Ranch.” Both were really fresh and tasty and made me want to try some of their other five options. In fact, combining different types of chicken and sauces is definitely a huge part of the Wishbone experience. Each order is priced by weight so that you can mix as many different menu items as you wish, for a reasonable price.


Photo by Abigail Graham

The only thing Wishbone could improve on though, is their options for sides. Though they just added Mac-n-Cheese to their menu – I’ll be back! – a choice of veggies would be a good option for a healthier meal. Regardless, I find myself craving fried chicken for the first time ever. Until I go home, it’s so long rotisserie.


Photo by Abigail Graham


Address: 4034 Walnut St.

Hours of operation: 11:00 am-10:00 pm (Monday through Friday), 3:00 pm-11:00 pm (Saturday and Sunday)