As a Native New Yorker and self-accredited gourmand, I’m here to help you all sort through the NYC food scene’s 1,000+ Italian restaurants.

Why should you trust me? I’ll give you three reasons.

1) I am the Gal Fieri.

2) I just returned from my 6-week stay in Florence, Italy.

3) I intern at Wine n Dine app.

Wine n Dine helps you discover, save, and share the best dishes and restaurants in your city all at your fingertips. Dig into the visual menus of over 80,000 of the world’s best restaurants to save dishes you want to try, make reservations, and follow your friends to eat vicariously through them.

Now, let’s get a taste of five must try pasta dishes in New York...

1. LiliaWilliamsburg

Missy Robbins’ Mafaldini is on trend. Everybody is making the trip to the Burg for this dish. The long, ruffled noodles are coated with melted butter, parmigiano reggiano, and, most importantly, pink peppercorns.

2. Cacio e PepeEast Village

The name of this spot says it all. The Tonnarelli Cacio e Pepe is a homemade pasta tossed in a pecorino cheese wheel and sprinkled with whole black peppercorns. As soon as the cheese wheel comes out, so do the cameras.

3. Bar PittiWest Village

I can guarantee you’ve never had anything like Bar Pitti’s pappardelle. The Pappardelle Alla Fiesolana is a flat, large homemade pasta with smoked bacon, cream, tomatoes and parmigiano. Need I say more?

4. Carbone • Greenwich Village

Spicy Rigatoni Vodka is HOT right now. This al dente pasta dish gets its bite from the onion soubise and Calabrian chilies. I don’t know what’s richer, this cream sauce or the price tag that goes along with it.

5. Morandi • West Village

Need something refreshing that isn’t a salad? Go here and order the Pici Al Limone. The thick, hand rolled spaghetti is tossed in parmesan and lemon.

See you on Wine n Dine!