Although we’ve written about FARMBloomington in the past, this local favorite always remains at the top of our list when it comes to eating great in Bloomington. With locally sourced ingredients, and addictive fries, any opportunity to dine at FARM should be taken.

You may remember that FARM and Spoon University at IU teamed up in December for the 12 Days of Spoon giveaway, and now the dynamic duo is back together again. This Valentine’s Day, FARM is giving away a gift card to cover one dinner for its Valentine’s Day prix frixe menu (that’s a whopping $52.) FARM’s menu looks killer and there’s a reason the phrase “the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach,” is a cliche. Enter to win here, with love, from Spoon.

You can find the Valentine’s Day menu here which features everything from an irresistible New York strip to this mouthwatering rosemary chicken breast.

Valentine's Day

Photo by Emma Hammock

I got to sit down and chat with FARM chef Robert Adkins about celebrating February 14th, the FARM way. Chef Bob drew inspiration for the menu from different global flavors that incorporate themes such as love and aphrodisiacs (chocolate, wine, ginger, garlic, ect.)  One of chef Bob’s favorite items on the menu is the duck, which he highly recommends to anyone wanting to try something new.

In terms of dessert (the most important part, duh) chef Bob promises that it will not disappoint.  FARM pastry chef Julia makes a delicious pavlova meringue, and if you want chocolate there is the flour less chocolate cake that can satisfy your sweet tooth.

Don’t let the fancy names fool you, Chef Bob assures that there’s something for everybody on the menu.

“Come in with an open mind and trust that we’re going to make your Valentine’s special,” said chef Bob. “Come in, dress up as fancy as you want, and we’ll do the rest.”

The winner of the gift card will also have a reservation for two under the name “Spoon University” at 8 pm, February 14th at FARMBloomington.  Even if you don’t win the gift card you can still enjoy a FARM Valentine’s Day and make a reservation you won’t regret, just call FARMBloomington at 812.323.0002.

Already have plans for the big day? Check out FARM’s Valentine’s Day gift section located at the front of the restaurant. This bright pink and red section is packed with handpicked gifts that are sure to woo any food lover.

Valentine's Day

Photo by Emma Hammock

If you can’t make it for this special Valentine’s Day dinner, or if you can and just can’t get enough, then you need to check out FARM’s “hang-over” brunch on Sunday, February 15th, for some revamped breakfast classics like these baked stone eggs.

Valentine's Day

Photo by Emma Hammock

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Location: 108 East Kirkwood Ave, Bloomington, IN 47408
Hours of Operation: Tuesday-Friday 7am-1opm, Saturday-Sunday 10am-10pm