You see it on your way to class. You see it walking to downtown Evanston. You see it basically any time you walk past the arch. The big, red food truck with the "wiches" hat is pretty hard to miss. Wicked Good Wiches food truck is one of Evanston's first. 

Open from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. on weekdays, the truck usually stands on the corner of Chicago and Sheridan, or on the corner of Clark and Chicago. The menu is comprised of four different sandwiches, a traditional Chicago dog and several beverages. Here's everything you need to know about the truck.

The Location

coffee, tea, beer
Charlotte (Charli) Hu

It’s 12:03 p.m. and I have class in 30 minutes. I could risk it and wait in the Subway line at Norris that—let’s be honest— takes forever. Or, I could avoid every line and grab a sandwich in less than five minutes.

The food truck’s location is inconvenient to all the students who rarely set foot on South Campus. But for anyone like me that has every class down South, it’s a blessing to be able to walk to class, get food, and eat it, in less than 30 minutes. It’s also fairly safe to assume that you will never be trapped in a line that doesn’t move because someone just CAN’T decide between whole wheat or Italian herb at Subway.

The Price

coffee, tea, beer, espresso
Charlotte (Charli) Hu

Considering that my debit card was rejected the other day for a $2.50 candy bar from Lisa's, $8 is a little steep for a college student. Would I spend $8 on a sandwich? Yes. Would I rather spend $5 on a sub from Subway? Definitely.

But if you have somewhere to be and Subway isn't an option, go for the $5 Chicago style hot dog. Or better yet, get two Chicago style hot dogs for the price of one sandwich. Even though you’re still spending a whopping $8, two is always better than one.

The Service

coffee, beer
Charlotte (Charli) Hu

The owner, Nathaniel Davis, runs the truck solo. This means he knows what he’s doing, and also that the final product will always taste the same. Consistency is key. Davis is also super accommodating and is willing to take-off or add-on any ingredients.

The Food

cilantro, avocado, hot dog
Charlotte (Charli) Hu

Okay, so here's what really matters. The food. The chow. The reason you're probably reading this. So, does the sandwich live up to its ~wicked~ name? It depends.

I ordered the Bahn Mi, a Vietnamese pork sandwich topped with radishes, carrots and cucumber. Although the sandwich is the only vegetarian option on the menu, I opted for the beef. I also added Sriracha and jalapeños. Overall, the sandwich was subpar. The meat was pretty dry and lacked any flavor. I picked around the meat and ate the vegetables. I guess that means I did end up getting the vegetarian option after all. In this case, the sandwich was just a good 'wich.

However, I also tried the Chicago style hot dog. I've only tried two Chicago hot dogs in my life: One from Portillo's and the other from Wicked Good 'Wiches. I liked both equally, which should say a lot. The dog itself has a smoky taste and is topped with the typical Chicago style toppings including pickle, peppers, mustard and onions. The meal also comes with a side of chips—Score!

#SpoonTip: If you plan on adding hot peppers like I did, do yourself a favor and get a water.

 Overall Impression 

Charlotte (Charli) Hu

If you're looking to grab a quick bite to eat in between classes or are simply craving a Chicago dog, Wicked Good 'Wiches is your place. It's convenient, quick and easy. Although the price of the sandwich is a little expensive, it's definitely worth avoiding the lunch rush at Norris when you have somewhere to be. So the next time you find yourself on South campus and your stomach is growling, give Wicked Good 'Wiches food truck a try.