Recently I traveled to New York City and being an Instagram foodie lover I had to scope out the top places to indulge in great food along the streets of New York. My family and I agreed on Russ and Daughters which is a famous restaurant that was created by Jewish people. The entire menu is designed for the typical Jewish family. From blintzes to caviar, how could you not want to try this spot? The food is picture worthy and the food is as fresh as can be. Here're five reasons why you need to check this place out.

1. Lower Sunny Side

meat, egg
Rachel Hurvitz

Coming off of a red eye flight all my family and I wanted to do was to have a typical NYC meal and Russ and Daughters definitely sufficed. Between my family of five, we ordered quite a lot per usual. I enjoyed the Lower Sunny Side, which came with two over easy eggs, smoked salmon and two crispy potato pancakes. An unreal combo.

2. Bagel & Lox

fish, cheese, smoked salmon, salmon
Rachel Hurvitz

Of course, we had to get a couple New York bagels on the side and they were incredible as always. I mean going from an Arizona bagel to New York is quite a happy difference. Each dish was better than the next.

3. Freshness

As soon as you walk into the restaurant, you see multiple fresh fish, salmon, white fish and more ready to be eaten by all the hungry families. We also got the super heebster to share, which tasted almost like tuna fish with pieces of fish roe on top. It was the perfect fresh and light appetizer for brunch.

4. Drinks

Russ and Daughters is located in the heart of NYC near the Tamarac Museum and multiple funky shops. Its location makes it easy for tourists, like myself, to try the food. The coffee was rich and creamy, which was perfect for my tired sisters and me.

5. The Menu

The menu is so simple and cute, perfect to lay your food on for a great no filter post. Pictured above is the matzah ball soup which was divine.

Next time you are looking to brunch you know where to indulge! Enjoy.