Chocolate lovers, fellow foodies and college students in Europe lend me your ears, as I tell you of a little known chocolate haven by the name of Funky Chocolate Club. 

If you by chance are planning on going to the Swiss Alps you should make sure to pass through Interlaken, as it is the home of a somewhat hidden gem of sweet shops that can and will change the way you appreciate and value chocolate. 

After the birth of an idea to build a store where chocolate lovers could have a hands on experience, owners Tatiana and Michaela in June 2014 decided to open up their very own nestled in the beautiful Swiss Alps. 

My favorite item on their menu is the hot chocolate. This warm, rich and creamy drink delivers a taste of chocolate only Swiss hot chocolate has, remarkably difference from any other you have tried. 

Beyond ordering chocolate itself, Funky Chocolate Club also offers hands on, educational interactive experiences with their sweet products. Patrons can feel inspired and get creative in chocolate bar making classes, and learn the science behind the world's most beloved treat.

Rated as the second best thing to do in all of Interlaken and offering you a chance to explore and enrich your love for chocolate, Funky Chocolate Club is a tasty Swiss treasure that you don't want to miss out on.