On a student budget, choosing where to eat and drink is a difficult decision. Still, the full Queen’s University Kingston experience can’t be attained without a visit to the Queen’s Pub.

It’s the perfect, affordable place to grab a bite, whether it’s for a beer between classes, a group project meeting spot, a first date, or your late night nacho cravings. After all, it is the only student-run pub in Canada.

I consider myself a QP regular. I love it so much that I just had to share my passion with Spoon! The staff at Queen's Pub were kind enough to let me come in and take pictures of the food.

Food and Drinks

Sara Buder

The menu has everything to suit your meat lover, vegetarian, or vegan needs. Consider the vegan burger shown above, with a side of chips or veggies. If you’re on a health kick, no problem—try the healthy platter. If not, try a QP favourite like the honey-G-wrap, the chicken avocado sandwich, the jalapeño cheeseburger, or the heaping nachos.

The best part of the menu, you ask? Tax is included.

Need a place to go this Thirsty Thursday? The Queen's Pub drink menu has everything from a classic Caesar to a watermelon martini. Of course, sangria is a QP staple. If it’s just “one of those nights,” they have bar rail and premium liquors. However, if you choose not to drink, there are mocktails available for only $3.


Not sold yet? Check out some of Queen's Pub’s legendary events. If you’re an expert on random categories of information, look no further; QP has trivia every Sunday at 9 PM. If you’ve seen every episode of Friends, Grey’s Anatomy, or The Office twice over, stay tuned for the trivia theme nights.

Teams of up to six can participate in four rounds composed of 20 questions each. Prizes are always awarded to the winners and runner-ups. Plus, the winning team gets to sign their name on the infamous winners' board.

I tried Queen's Pub Trivia for the first time last week. The theme was Netflix originals. Although my knowledge of Stranger Things and Riverdale was spot on, there was more guessing than certainty. My partner and I were only able to score 58/80. Not bad for first timers, I guess.

Alternatively, if you’re a sports fanatic, visit QP on game day and watch your team on their HD flat screen TVs.


The playlist is always the perfect combination of throwbacks and current jams to lift the mood—make sure to download the Shazam app to find them all. If you’re lucky, your frosh year song might even come on. Between the music and the tropical sangria, Queen's Pub will have you dancing in your seat.

The QP staff is sure to put a smile on your face. Because the waiters, waitresses, and bartenders are students just like you, they can relate to your midterm season stress or post-reading week blues. It’s the perfect student environment for any time of the semester.

Sara Buder

So why not eat at QP right now? Grab your roommates, friends, classmates or group members and head over to the JDUC. You won’t regret it, and neither will your bank account. In fact, you’ll probably become regulars too.

#SpoonTip: Before 8 PM, you can visit QP for food even if you're under 19—but after then, you have to be of legal drinking age.