Last year many new restaurants opened in midtown and one of them was Nekter Juice Bar. In the excitement of trying the others, you may have not gotten the chance to try Nekter yet. This is understandable, but it is also a grave mistake that you should rectify immediately. I am guilty of this as I waited a couple of months before going over there myself, but I do not want you to make the same mistakes I did and continue to miss out.

Nekter is a small organic juice bar located on West University Avenue next to Just Salad. Nekter offers juices, smoothies and acai bowls. The high ceilings, good lighting and earthy tones create a modern and relaxed atmosphere. This is the perfect place to get a healthy snack or meal, get some homework done or even take a great selfie. 

Jessica Clermont

Here is why you should make Nekter your juice bar of choice:

1. The Perfect Place to Grab a Meal After a Workout

Jessica Clermont

Nekter is transparent about what ingredients they use. Your protein-packed food is prepared right in front of you. One of their main ingredients is dragon fruit, and it "aids in digestion and boosts metabolism." Their menu items also have "zero refined sugars, frozen yogurts, concentrates and artificial ingredient."

This is ideal for those hitting the gym and are watching what they eat. Nekter has descriptions for each smoothie, juice and acai bowl, and this can help you discern what you want to avoid on the menu. The food at Nekter is not only healthy, but also tasty.

2. A Homework Spot 

Jessica Clermont

Even though it is only the beginning of the semester, other students are already filling up the library. Nekter is right across the road from Library West, so if you can concentrate with a bit of music in the background this is the perfect place for you to get some work done while sipping on a smoothie. The lighting and ample space will make it possible for you to be here for a couple of hours. 

3. Affordable

Many college students are not looking to break the bank with every meal. Everything on the menu at Nekter is below $10. The most expensive items are the acai bowls. Even though the acai bowls, smoothies and juices are not in big portions, they are filling and worth the price tag. 

4. Proximity to Campus

If you have classes back-to-back in the morning or during lunchtime, Nekter is the place for you. You will not be late for your next class because Nekter is across the road from the University of Florida. This makes it very easy to grab breakfast or lunch and return to campus. 

Whether you are looking for a study spot or a healthy meal after a workout, Nekter is the perfect place . I hope you will take advantage of the affordable prices and walk over there and try it for yourself.