If you've ever tried to make latte art, you understand the struggle. It might seem simple when you watch your favorite coffee shop barista do it, but trust me, it's not. When it is done well, it's beautiful and mesmerizing though.

As I was scrolling down on Instagram through couple of those latte art videos, I saw one that blew my mind. A barista who paints people's faces on lattes.

I know right?!

I knew I had to go meet him and get my face done on a latte, and I did. And it was even worth the 10 hour drive. I slid into his DMs on Instagram, not expecting a reply. Much to my surprise, he replied within minutes and said he was excited to see me. 

And then I headed up north.

On a beautiful Thursday afternoon, my face was painted on a latte.

Anna Dudalyan

You might be asking, is this even real?

If you don't trust trust me, ask Margot Robbie...

...or John Legend.

Dave and James Franco look pretty hyped up, too.

Meeting Barista Brian was an awesome experience that I will never forget, and the photo of my latte is still the background on my phone. 

So yes, you'll have to make sure your passport is up to date to see this guy, but it's definitely worth the trip. Along with Barista Brian painting my face on a latte, he also told me the best Toronto sightseeing hotspots.

So, go ahead and put this on your bucket list, and check it off ASAP.